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Civil Service Renewal Plan:
In October 2014, the Government
published a Civil Service Renewal
Plan to set out a roadmap for the
future of the Civil Service. This
Plan integrated the outcomes
of the Independent Panel on
Strengthening Civil Service
Accountability and Performance,
and the Civil Service Renewal Task
Force. It set out a vision for the
Civil Service and a 3 year action
plan to achieve a more unified,
professional, responsive, open
and accountable Civil Service that
can provide a world-class Service
to the State and the people of
Ireland. Since the publication of
the Plan, significant progress has
been achieved:
• The Government has approved
the terms of reference
for the establishment of
an Accountability Board
for the Civil Service
(Action 1) to provide
oversight on accountability
and performance across
the Civil Service system. An
expressions of interest process
has been initiated by the
Public Appointments Service
for the independent external
members of the Board using
the procedures set for State
Board appointments;
• A Civil Service Management
Board (Action 2) has been
established to provide
collective leadership and
management to the Civil
Service. The Board, made up
of all Secretaries General and
Heads of major Offices, has
begun meeting on a monthly
basis. Minutes of these
meetings will be published
– Strengthening policy-making
skills and developing more
open approaches to policy
making (Action 22);
• Six out of the 25 Renewal Plan
actions have been prioritised
for completion by June 2015,
­- Establishing the first
performance review process
for Secretaries General
(Action 12);
­– Identifying available options
to strengthen the disciplinary
code, in particular to
address under-performance
(Action 11);
• Building on the engagement
process, which involved
2,000 staff and stakeholders
during the development of
the Renewal Plan, 500 staff
have attended a Renewal
Implementation Town Hall
event. These events are
part of an ongoing largescale communications and
engagement programme.
– Extending open recruitment
in key areas to fill skills gaps
(Action 8);
­– Carrying out the first Civil
Service wide employee
engagement survey
(Action 25);
• Overall, 21 out of the 25
Renewal Plan actions have
been initiated, including:
– Developing a new shared
model for delivering learning
and development in the Civil
Service (Action 9);
Maximising the performance
and potential of all civil service
employees and organisations
Continuously learning
and improving by being
more open to external ideas,
challenge and debate
Further details on the Renewal
Plan are included in the relevant
sections of this report.
Managing the civil service as a
single, unified organisation
• A central Programme
Management Office has been
established to coordinate and
drive implementation of all 25
actions on a phased basis. The
office has drawn together the
skills and capabilities of staff
from a range of Departments
and Offices; and
Open and
real improvements
for the people and
the State we serve
Changing our culture,
structure and processes
so that we become more
agile, flexible and responsive