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Media Release
13 January 2017
Talks fail to avert strike action in doctors’ dispute
Ongoing talks between the NZRDA, the resident medical doctors’ union and the 20 DHBs,
have failed to avert a three day strike by junior doctors which begins at 18 DHBs at 7.00am
on Tuesday 17 January.
There was insufficient support for the strike action from NZRDA members at Taranaki and
West Coast DHBs. The strike action will not directly affect these two DHBs.
Julie Patterson, lead CEO for the DHBs’ Employment Relations Programme and Whanganui
DHB CEO, says this strike, following a similar two day strike last October, “is hollow and
futile considering the DHBs met the union’s pay and roster demands in their original claim
last year. The strike will not influence the combined DHBs position.
“The union is now wanting to play around at the margins and all this will do, is cause
disruption for people in real need. Dr Powell has admitted a key outstanding issue is a
matter of work-life balance preferences, not RMO health and safety.”
Mrs Patterson said contingency planning for the strike at the 18 affected DHBs was
progressing with LPS (Life Preserving Services) agreements with the union now in place to
cover urgent cases.
“As a result of the two-day RMO strike in October, 1,000 patients nationwide had their
treatments affected. Next week’s strike is for three days and we have staff that would
normally offer cover, on leave. We are currently organising the rostering for the staff
available amongst the non-striking junior doctors and senior medical officers. Sadly, patient
services and elective surgery will be impacted by the strike.
“DHBs regret the further disruption that may occur to patient care next week. Any member
of the public who will have a treatment disrupted or rescheduled, are being advised directly
by their local DHB," said Mrs Patterson.
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