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StarMegaDO5 - Waiver, Release, and Indemnification
1. The undersigned participant, hereinafter referred to as “Participant,” understands that in order to
participate in the Star MegaDO5 events described at beginning on October
22, 2013 and ending on October 26, 2013 (“Event”) s/he must sign this agreement. To participate in
the charter flights the Participant must also sign a separate Operator-Participant Agreement.
Participant acknowledges that s/he understands that certain risks are inherent in foreign travel and that
s/he fully accepts those risks. These risks may include, but are not limited to, war; quarantine; civil
unrest; public health risks; criminal activity; terrorism; exposure to communicable diseases; ill effects
of unfamiliar food and water; incidents related to ground, air or water transportation, adverse weather
conditions, accident, injuries or damage to property; and other physical, mental, financial and
emotional injury. The organizers, MegaDO, LLC and The Frequent Traveler Education Foundation
(“Organizers”) are not responsible or liable for Participant’s safety and Participant assumes full
responsibility for all risks associated with Event and hereby releases Organizers from any such
responsibility or liability on account thereof.
2. Participant fully understands the above risks and the scope of the activities involved Event and agrees
to assume all risks of participation in Event, including the risk of catastrophic injury or death.
3. Participant, and on behalf of his/her heirs, successors, assigns and personal representatives, agrees to
indemnify, hold harmless, release and forever discharge Organizers, their employees, agents, and
cooperating institutions and their employees and agents from any and all claims and expenses even if
through negligence, including reasonable attorney’s fees, for any injury, loss, or damage to person or
property, including catastrophic injury or death, related to the Event or suffered by the Participant.
4. Participants are responsible for their own actions at all times during the Event. In the event
Participant’s conduct causes damage to persons or property, the Participant will be held responsible for
the damages to the person or property. In the event that the Organizers are required to pay for damages
arising out of the Participant’s actions, the Participant agrees to indemnify Organizers for such loss,
and to pay the Organizers upon demand for said damages.
5. Participant assumes full financial responsibility for all costs and expenses incurred by Participant in
connection with the Event, including, without limitation, financial responsibility for damage or
destruction to property of third parties by Participant.
6. Participant affirms that s/he has no known health-related reasons or problems that preclude or restrict
Participant’s participation in the Event. Participant is responsible for obtaining and maintaining such
health, accident, disability, hospitalization and travel insurance as s/he may deem necessary for the
Event, and to be responsible for the costs of such insurance and for any expenses not covered by
7. Participant affirms that s/he is fully admissible to all countries on the itinerary. Should the participant
be denied entry into any country on the itinerary, the participant shall be responsible for all cost
associated with returning the participant to their point of origin. Participant further agrees to reimburse
the Organizers for any costs incurred due to participant’s inadmissibility to any country.
8. All trip deposits are nonrefundable. And, once final payment is made, such payment also becomes nonrefundable, unless permitted under any applicable Operator-Participant Agreement. Participant is
advised to obtain trip interruption/cancellation insurance in the event of a forced or unforeseen trip
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9. Participant understands that Organizers in no way represent or act as agent for transportation carriers,
hotels, and other suppliers of services connected with Event, other than as described in the OperatorParticipant Agreement Participant agrees that Organizers are not responsible or liable for:
a. Any changes in travel plans, travel delays, or weather;
b. Any injury, damage, or loss which may be caused by any vehicle or conveyance
c. Any negligence or default of any business or person engaged in providing or performing any of
the services involved in this Event;
d. Any loss, damage, destruction, theft of Participant’s luggage or personal belongs.
10. Should Participant have or develop legal problems with any foreign nationals or governments,
Participant will attend to such matters personally with Participant’s own personal funds. Organizers are
not responsible for providing financial or any other assistance under such circumstances.
11. Participant understands that if s/he engages in disrespectful, hostile, or violent behavior that threatens
another person or Event, Participant will be subject to immediate removal from Event. No refund will
be given to any Participant removed for such behavior. Organizers will not be responsible for any such
Participant’s additional travel, legal, or other expenses resulting from removal from Event, including,
but not limited to returning the Participant to the point of origin.
12. If Participant chooses to consume alcohol, Participant will remain responsible for his/her actions at all
times. Participant is expected to drink responsibly. Excessive and irresponsible drinking leading to
intoxication and behavior that interferes with the Event or the safety and comfort of others will result
in Participant being removed from event as set forth in Paragraph 11 above.
13. Due to the nature of the Event, Participant understands and agrees that agents from Television, Radio,
Internet, Press or other agencies (collectively “Media”) may be in attendance at the Event. Participant
hereby agrees to the use of their likeness by the Media in association with coverage of the Event.
14. Participants are strongly encouraged to consult the U.S. State Department Consular Information Sheets
and Travel Warnings at, the Centers for Disease Control
(CDC) at, or similar agency in Participant’s country of origin, and their own
medical and legal advisors with regard to the destination countries and their risks prior to signing this
15. In the event that any portion of this agreement/waiver is in contradiction with the Operator-Participant
Agreement the terms of the Operator-Participant Agreement shall take precedence.
16. Dispute Resolution and Choice of Law --- In any action arising out this waiver the undersigned agrees
that the dispute will be brought before an arbitrator in Chicago, Illinois United States of America. The
law of the State of Illinois shall be the law of the action. All fees associated with the arbitration shall
be borne by the party loosing said arbitration.
17. Severability –If any single portion of the above waiver is declared invalid or ineffective by a court of
competent jurisdiction only that portion declared invalid or ineffective shall be stricken from this
waiver. The remaining portions of this waiver shall still remain in effect.
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