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About Stanford Rugby: Rugby is one of the most fun and physically, mentally, and
emotionally challenging team sports. The game requires and teaches mental
toughness, physical fitness, teamwork, determination, discipline, leadership, and
enjoyment through the collective pursuit of excellence. Rugby has been played at
Stanford since the late 1800’s with great success. While tiered a club sport since
1977, Stanford Rugby operates with a Varsity Mindset on the field in our approach
to the game as student-athletes, as well as with the support the Stanford Rugby
Foundation provides for the team including: Steuber Rugby Stadium, coaching,
equipment, travel, medical coverage, and more. Joining the Stanford Rugby Program
means joining a program of Olympic Gold Medal Winners, All-Americans, and
National Championships. The team also enjoys domestic and international tour,
and other social events as a group.
Basics of Rugby: Rugby is a blend of multiple sports including football, soccer,
basketball and more. A team can score by crossing their opponents’ goal line.
Players can advance the ball by kicking it forward or running it, and can pass the
ball, but it must be passed laterally or backward. To stop an attacker, defending
players tackle attacking players, but unlike football, a tackle is followed by a
competition between both teams for possession of the ball. This Rugby Basics
Video and Rugby 101 Video helps break down the basics. These three videos
(One - Two - Three ) further demonstrate more complex rules. Read more about
the rules and watch demo videos at the International Rugby Board’s (IRB) laws
of the game website. Rugby 7’s, the abbreviated 7 vs. 7 version of the game, is a
faster paced version of rugby. ‘Sevens’, was recently added to the Olympics, is
played in day or weekend tournaments, and is exploding in popularity.
Rugby Positions: All players get to do everything in rugby (run, pass, catch,
tackle, kick, etc.), but as this basic rugby positions video explains, the team is
divided into two main groups of backs and forwards. You can see highlight films
here from USA National Team Players demonstrating specific positional skills here
for forward positions: Prop (# 1/3) , Hooker (#2) , Lock (#4,5) , Flanker (#6/7) and
Number 8 (#8) ; and the backs positions, Scrumhalf (#9) , Flyhalf (#10) , Center
(#12/13) , Wing (#11/14) and Fullback (#15)
Rugby Video: Below are games and highlight videos…
2014 Stanford Women’s Final Four Promo
2013 Stanford Women’s Highlights
2013 Stanford Final Four Promo
2012 15's National Championship Game (Stanford)
Women's 2013 7’s Collegiate Final
Women’s 2014 Rugby World Cup Videos
Rugby Highlights
Rugby Scores Highlights