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Seed grants and start-up funds to support community activities for the over
About Us
Chain Reaction is a new service commissioned by Newcastle City Council to support older people
(55+) to live independently in the community and to have a happier, healthier life by promoting the
use of community based resources and facilities. It aims to work with older people to support and
sustain friendships to combat social isolation and to increase the person’s sense of good
emotional health and wellbeing.
Three voluntary sector organisations; Search, Mental Health Concern and KeyRing are working
together to provide Chain Reaction across Newcastle.
About Our Grants
We have a small grant fund that is available to Community and Voluntary sector groups and
organisations to act as seed money, to start up and develop a new idea or to provide capital
equipment to keep a good activity going for the over 55’s. The fund will make small grants of up to
As this is a new venture we are happy to talk to you before you submit your application. Please
contact one of the Chain Reaction Pioneers in your area for guidance.
It is important that your proposal is sustainable as this funding is not recurrent and is not to
support on-going costs. You should also be able to provide evidence that the offer is not
duplicated elsewhere in the area and that it is supported by local people.
How to apply for a grant
We accept applications from groups or organisations that are constituted or are able to work with a
constituted group on their behalf. We do not accept applications from individuals or provide
retrospective funding. You can obtain an application form by contacting any of the provider
organisations, detailed at the end of this document. You can return your completed form to these
organisations or submit it to Chain Reaction at [email protected]
There is no closing date and we will look at applications as soon as we can.
Your application must be signed by two people from your organisation who have the authority to
make funding applications, for example a Trustee or a member of your management committee.
Please answer all the questions on the application form.
Frequently asked Questions
When should I apply for funding?
We accept applications throughout the year. Please complete and submit your application before
you require the funds.
When is the next meeting date?
We meet regularly and will get back to you as soon as we can.
What is size of your average grant?
The maximum grant you can apply for in one year is £500. However, as the program is new we
are happy to talk to you if your application is slightly larger than this, so please get in touch.
Do you have an application form?
Yes, you can request an application form from any of the provider organisations below.
What happens after we send in our application?
Your application will be acknowledged. If your organisation or project does not meet our criteria we
will write to you explaining the reasons why your application has been rejected. If your application
is eligible we may contact you to request more information. We will appraise your application to
ensure that we have the relevant information to make an informed decision on your request for
funds at our next meeting.
What happens after a decision is made?
We will write to you within 2 weeks of receiving your application to advise whether you have been
successful or not. If your application is successful, the letter will detail the next steps. If your
application is unsuccessful your letter will explain the reasons.
What happens after we receive the grant?
Immediately upon receiving a grant payment, you must complete and return to the
acknowledgement receipt. You should bank grant cheques as soon as possible after receipt. Also
enclosed will be a feedback form for completion and return following the development of your idea.
What is the feedback form for?
We like to know how the grant has helped your organisation and if you have achieved what you
set out to do. It also plays an important part in our audit procedure.
Why was my application not successful?
This could be for a number of reasons, which we will tell you about in your feedback letter, but this
could include:
The application fell outside our criteria of benefit
The application was not submitted in accordance with our guidelines
Requested supporting documentation and/or further information was not received
There were similar ideas or projects considered which had higher priority.
The grant pot had insufficient funds to meet all the requests received
Can we re-apply for funds?
Yes: you can reapply at any time if you have a new idea that will benefit a different group of
people. We do not take applications to repeat a previous activity.
Funding decision making panel to include:
Representation from Search, Mental Health Concern or KeyRing
An independent representative from the voluntary and community sector
A member of Chain Reaction
A representative from Newcastle City Council, Adult Social Care
A representative from Newcastle City Council, Commissioning and Procurement
Provider organisations:
74 Adelaide Terrace
Mental Health Concern
64 Wingrove Road
Broadare House
Market Street
Tel: 273 7443
Tel: 0300 300 7070
Tel: 07917 686 658
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