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Attestation Letter to Final Claim
of the Contribution Agreement
TO: Connecting Canadians, Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada
235 Queen Street
CD Howe Building
Floor 01W
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0H5
As per the Contribution Agreement #________ between Innovation, Science and Economic
Development Canada and ________________, this attestation letter certifies that under the
clause 5.3, Final claim for reimbursement of eligible costs, the final documentation has been
a) A final claim for all eligible costs incurred and paid by the Recipient;
b) All eligible costs are related to the activities described as follows:
Direct Labour:
Direct Equipment :
Direct Materials:
Direct Travel:
Direct Satellite:
Other Direct Costs
Total Eligible Costs:
Certification, by an authorized official of the Recipient, satisfactory to the Minister
All costs claimed have been incurred and paid;
All eligible costs are related to the activities described in Schedule A;
All eligible costs are in compliance with the requirements described in
Schedule B; and
The Recipient has complied with all terms and conditions of the Contribution
d) Evidence satisfactory to the Minister that the project has been completed; and
e) A final implementation report of the project, as per the requirements outlined in
Schedule C, and prepared to the Minister’s satisfaction.
Name and title of authorized officer for Recipient
Extended Employment Health Benefits
Extended Employment Health Benefits