Download Athletic Online Registration 2015-2016 Online Athletic Registration

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Athletic Online Registration
2015-2016 Online Athletic Registration
Athletic Participation Packets
The Los Fresnos CISD Athletic Department has gone to an online registration system
for the required athletic participation packet paperwork. This paperwork must be
completed each year for students wishing to participate in LFCISD athletic
programs prior to any participation in any practice, before, during, or after school, (both
in-season and out-of -season) or games/matches.
Steps to Complete Registration:
Parents Log onto LFCISD Online Athletic Registration .
Click on “Sports Participation Packet”
Complete steps 1-11
Please print the Packet PDF and Physical Exam sheet you receive in the
confirmation e-mail. The physical exam is for the doctor to complete and
sign. Turn all three completed forms into your child’s athletic department.
(All 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade students turn the forms into the staff
athletic trainers at that campus.)
Any questions please contact one of the Staff Athletic Trainers.
Los Fresnos High School:
Marty L. Castillo
Rey Buendia Jr.
Los Fresnos United:
956-254-5354 [email protected]
956-254-5354 [email protected]