Download Nutty putty, also known as silly putty, is a polymer

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Nutty Putty
Katrina Mount
Brandon Williams
Tiffany Burdette
Nutty putty, also known as silly putty, is a polymer. “In 1943 James
Wright, an engineer, was attempting to create a synthetic rubber. He was unable
to achieve the properties he was looking for and put his creation (later to be called
silly putty) on the shelf as a failure. A few years later, a salesman for the Dow
Corning Corporation was using the putty to entertain some customers. One of his
customers became intrigued with the putty and saw that it had potential as a new
toy. In 1957, after being endorsed on the "Howdy Doody Show", silly putty
became a toy fad. Recently new uses such as a grip strengthener and as an art
medium have been developed. Silly putty even went into space on the Apollo 8
mission.”( In this project, we
will be showing the class how to make silly putty. We will also show what type of
reactions will occur in the experiment.
For our activity, everyone will have a chance to make Nutty Putty. We
will need borax and Elmer’s glue. When adding the glue to a water/borax
solution, its causes a reaction between the glue molecules and borax molecules.
This causes a highly flexible polymer. Each group will have a different neon food
coloring to add for their colored silly putty. Once everything is added, the silly
putty will go in a Ziploc bag to be refrigerated.
The original coral-colored Silly Putty is composed of 65% dimethy
siloxane (hydroxyl-terminated polymers with boric acid), 17% silica(crystalline
quartz), 9% thiaztrol ST (castor oil derivative), 4% polydimethylsiloxane, 1%
decamethyl cyclopentasiloxane, 1% glycerin, and 1% titanium dioxide.
Silly Putty's unusual flow characteristics are due to the ingredient
polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS), a viscoelastic liquid.
Viscoelasticity is a type of non-Newtonian flow,
Characterizing material that acts as a viscous liquid over a long time period but as
an elastic solid over a short time period. Because its apparent viscosity increases
directly with respect to the amount of force applied, Silly Putty can be
characterized as a dilatant fluid.
Nutty Putty
Katrina Mount
Brandon Williams
Tiffany Burdette
Nutty Putty
Katrina Mount
Brandon Williams
Tiffany Burdette
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