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Required New Hire Paperwork Checklist
You are required to Express mail all paperwork in one packet to
ActionLink Human Resources, 4100 Embassy Pkwy, Akron, OH 44333.
Welcome to Actionlink!
Mission Statement:
ActionLink utilizes three core business strategies to achieve our mission: we hire and empower
great people, we employ world class training techniques and methods, and we will find the right
solution to meet each customer’s specific need.
At ActionLink, we provide our clients with qualified field representatives for
merchandising programs, product demonstration/assisted selling, and technical product
training. We support these services with a data retrieval/online reporting system and a
computerized distribution center. We service products for electronics vendors within
some of the country’s best known “big box” retail establishments.
Please complete the information below. If you do not know your manager’s name please indicate “do not
know” in the section labeled “Manager’s Name”. Indicate the appropriate method you used to send us
your New Hire Paperwork and the date that it was sent. Print your name in the section labeled
“Employee’s Name”. Indicate your job title in the section labeled “Job Title”. Print your name in the
section labeled “Submitted by” if you are the person sending this documentation to us.
Please Print
Manager’s Name:
Method of shipment(UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc):
Employee’s Name:
Job Title:
Submitted by:
[Type text]
Revised 6/10/08
o Federal I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification
Section 1
Must have your street address, PO boxes not acceptable.
Citizenship or resident or alien box must be checked and number entered.
Must be signed and dated by you.
Section 2
Must have 1 ID from List A or an ID from EACH List B & C (see page 3 of the form).
If your supervisor is not available to complete Section 2, then you must take your form to a
notary. Ask the notary to place his or her stamp on the form after you sign it in front of
him/her. Then make a copy (with the notary present) of your IDs and ask the notary to
place his/her stamp on the copy of your IDs to verify that it is an authentic copy of your
IDs. PLEASE take this page with you to the notary just to ensure all of the above is
completed. A Remote Hire Notary Notice Form is included for the Notary’s convenience.
We would not want to inconvenience you by requesting that you submit a second I-9 form
if the required documents are not provided.
High quality copies of IDs should be sent with completed form even if witnessed by your
supervisor for the completion of your I-9 (or you may scan and email to
[email protected]).
o Oasis Set Up
Complete the top half of form.
Your name, complete address and social security number must be printed clearly for
payroll processing. The mailing address is the address where your payroll will be mailed.
The email address you provide on this form will be used by Human Resources to notify
you if any of your paperwork is not complete.
o W-4 Tax, Withholding Allowance Certificate
Must have street address, PO boxes not acceptable.
Must indicate marital status.
Must indicate number of tax allowances.
Must have your signature and date.
o EEO Identification Form for Government Purposes
o Oasis Employee Authorizations & Acknowledgements
Must be signed.
o ActionLink Employee Handbook Acknowledgement Page
Return only the last page of the handbook with your signature.
Revised 6/10/08
Revised 6/10/08
o Direct Deposit Form (optional)
Attach a voided check to ensure proper routing of your deposit or
If you’d like your paycheck deposited onto a new CashPay/Visa card, mark the box but
leave the routing numbers blank and a new card will be sent to you with no pre-note
If you’d like your paycheck deposited onto your existing CashPay/Visa card, mark the box
for CashPay/Visa and put in the required account and routing numbers.
Make sure you sign the form and put your social security number for each of the above
If you have any questions as you complete your new hire paperwork, please contact your
Human Resources contacts:
Greg Kennedy, HR Generalist
1-888-737-8757 ext 109
Synia Rodgers, HR Administrator
ext 157
Shawna Davis, HR Administrator
ext 196
DeeDee Meilinger, HR Administrator
ext 116
Or you are more than welcome to contact us via [email protected] .
Thanks and Welcome to ActionLink!
Revised 6/10/08