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1. Danny wants to make
2. Which of the following
something that looks like a is necessary for fossils to
fossil. Which should he do? form?
A. Wrap a leaf around a
rock and freeze it.
B. Cover a seed with soil
and water it.
C. Push a shell into clay
and pull it out.
D. Mix sand with clay and
let it dry.
3. Why are there more
animal fossils than plant
4. Fossils help us learn
about …
A. Animals eat plants.
B. Plants are smaller than
C. Plants have softer body
parts than animals.
D. There were more ancient
animals than ancient
5. When is a group of
living things extinct?
6. How do scientists know
that extinct animals, such
as dinosaurs, once lived on
the Earth?
A. when few of its eggs
B. when there is an
C. when all members of the
group have died
D. when very few members of
outer space.
life in the past.
the weather.
A. by studying fossils
found in the ground
B. by visiting zoos all
around the world
C. by looking for life on
the group are alive
other planets
D. by watching movies about
8. Fossils are _________
that dinosaurs once lived
and roamed the earth.
9. Carson brought the rock
below to school one day.
She found fossils of ocean
plants and shells in the
rock. What does this tell
us about the rock?
a. physical plants
b. physical evidence
c. physical animals
A. The rock is gray and
B. The rock needs to be
washed off.
C. The rock is heavier than
most rocks.
D. The rock was once at the
bottom of the sea.
10. Which statement is
a. All plants and animals
become fossils when
they die.
b. Most plants and
animals become fossils
when they die.
c. Very few plants and
animals become fossils
when they die.
11. The picture below is an
example of…
a. A mold fossil
b. A cast fossil
c. A body fossil
12. The picture below is an 13. The picture below is an
example of…
example of…
a. a mold fossil
b. a cast fossil
c. a body fossil
14. In what kind of rock
are fossils usually found?
a. Igneous
b. Metamorphic
c. sedimentary
16. _________ is a fossil
made from tree sap.
a. Tree fossil
b. Amber
c. Plant fossil
18. What replaces organic
matter when a fossil is
a. minerals
b. air
c. water
a. a mold fossil
b. a cast fossil
c. a body fossil
15. What are the hardened
remains of organisms that
lived long ago called?
a. organic matter
b. fossils
c. hard rock
Any living thing is
a. animal
b. organism
c. old plant
19. A dinosaur footprint is
an example of a….
a. trace fossil
b. a body fossil
c. a big foot
20. What parts of a mammal 7. How long does it take
are MOST LIKELY to be found for a fossil to form?
as a fossil?
a. About 1 year
a. Bones and teeth
b. About 100 years
b. Skin and fur
c. Over 1,000 years
c. Eyes and ears