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Unit C / Section C
Mrs. Zepp
What Is Sound?
• Sounds make things shake or vibrate
• Sound travels as a wave
• Back-and-forth vibrations of objects cause
waves in the air that travel to your ear
How Sound Travels
• Sound travels best through
1st Solids – wood or plastic
2nd Liquids – water
3rd Gases – air
• Deaf people feel sound vibrations through their
hands, feet, and body
Making Sounds
• The harder you pluck an instrument, the
louder it sounds.
• Thicker strings produce lower sounds.
• Megaphone – instrument used to make
sounds louder
Hearing Sounds
Sound waves move through the air
Hit the outer ear
Sound waves bounce off the outer ear
Into the eardrum (thin circle of tissue)
Eardrum vibrates
Sends signal through the nerves to the brain
Brain interprets the signals as sounds
Animal Ears
• Jack rabbit – long ears
• Fox – sharp hearing
• Cat – moves ears around to pick up sounds
• Bat – high pitched squeaks hit insects and bounce
back as an echo
• Instrument used to determine how far away an
object is
• Sends a ping sound down into the ocean
• The ping echoes back
• Sonar instrument times how long it took for the
sound to make the round trip
• Determines how far away the object is
Seth`s Work How Do My Ears Work
Seth`s Work How Do My Ears Work
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