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Commit to Conserve
Week 3 – Waste
I am not on a COMPETE to CONSERVE team and I pledge to do each activity I sign next to for an entire
Practice an energy conservation behavior all
Practice a water conservation behavior all week.
Practice a waste reduction behavior all week.
Complete the Waste section of the Sustainability
Always print on both sides of paper.
Reuse paper that is only used on one side.
Use reusable beverage containers.
Avoid using new plastic bags by using reusable
bags each time I shop.
Bring my own reusable to-go containers for
leftover food when I go out to eat.
Recycle all paper, plastics, glass and electronics.
Save all the items I threw away (in the landfill) the
entire week.
Publicly display all the items I normally would
throw away during the week. For example, put
them in a clear resealable bag and attach it to my
back pack.
Make a commitment to a chosen waste reduction
behavior public via my personal twitter or
Facebook accounts.
Make my commitment to my chosen waste
reduction behavior public by writing it on a piece
of paper and displaying it on my front door for the
entire week.
On the Office of Sustainability's Facebook or
Twitter site post a photo of an Elonite practicing
waste reduction or post a comment about my
waste reduction efforts.