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WT/TPR/S/322/Rev.1 • Cabo Verde
- 85 Table A3.4 Prohibited imported goods in Cabo Verde
Goods whose importation is prohibited in Cabo Verde
Animals and animal products from foreign areas where there is epizooty. This prohibition did not apply
to all epizooties but only to those which Cabo Verde is not immune to and which are considered
dangerous to the national livestock (animal health), plants, vegetables (flora) on the principle of risk
analysis and international norms and standards
Elder tree berry
Unauthorized foreign lottery tickets or its fractions
Boxes or gathered bales and bundles, with the same mark and packed in one volume containing
different or the same kind of goods, which are imported without declaration of the number and the total
weight of the boxes or gathered bales
Cannabis Sativa L, known as "Indian Hemp"
Imitations of postage-stamp, postmark and other postal stamps in use in Cabo Verde
Containers manufactured with terneplate packing goods other than mineral oils and, when empty or
unassembled, are not consigned exclusively to companies which sell mineral oils
Books when counterfeited editions and fraudulent copies of literary and artistic works protected by law
and international conventions
Medicaments of secret composition or not properly registered
Medications of poor quality or out of date; foodstuff harmful or dangerous to public health
Goods with false factory marks, false trademarks or false origin or provenance, contravening laws and
international agreements in effect
Goods brought by ships sailing in contravention of international conventions
Pornographic objects, pictures, books, printed papers, recorded films, drawings, stamps, written libel
and publications, offensive to morals and public decency
Plants and any of its parts coming from infected areas of phylloxera or of any other epiphytic disease
Roulettes and other gambling games without previous authorization
Wines and liquors with any geographical denominations legally defined or any others which can
occasion mistakes about their real origin, when they are not produced in the wine-growing areas known
under those denominations, or with such denominations as "kind of", "type", "rival of", "superior to"
and similar logos
Distilled alcoholic drinks which contain essences or chemical products such as: absinth, benzoic
aldehyde, salicylic ethers, hyssop and other products recognized as noxious for human health
Information provided by the authorities.