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WT/TPR/S/322/Rev.1 • Cabo Verde
- 19 executive secretariat as well as technical working groups. Initially, four technical working groups
are envisaged covering trade negotiations, market access, regional integration, and trade
standards. The CNC will have the authority to establish additional working groups as it deems
2.3 Trade Agreements and Arrangements
2.3.1 WTO
2.16. Cabo Verde became the 153rd Member of the WTO on 23 July 2008.12 In the multilateral
negotiations, Cabo Verde participates in the group of African, Caribbean and Pacific
countries (ACP), the African group, the G-90, and the Recently Acceded Members (RAMs) group.13
Cabo Verde is also a "W52" sponsor, i.e. among the Members advocating modalities in the
negotiations on geographical indications and "disclosure" of the origin of genetic resources and
traditional knowledge in patent applications.
2.17. As a WTO Member, and as part of its membership obligations, Cabo Verde has provided
notifications on various aspects of its trade regime since 2008 (Table 2.2).
Table 2.2 Cabo Verde's WTO notifications, 2008-January 2015
Year of coverage
WTO document and date
Article XVII of the GATT 1994 and its Understanding (State trading)
Completed questionnaire
2008, 2009, 2010
G/STR/N/13/CPV, 17/01/14
XVII:4(a) and
(Sociedade Caboverdiana de
Paragraph 1
Tabacos, SA)
Agreement on Agriculture
Export subsidies (none)
G/AG/N/CPV/1, 17/07/09
Agreement on the Application of Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures
Decree-Law revising charges for
G/SPS/N/CPV/1, 19/12/13
animal and plant health
Veterinary framework Law
G/SPS/N/CPV/2, 26/05/15
Phytosanitary Law
G/SPS/N/CPV/3, 26/05/15
Sugar cane spirits (product
G/SPS/N/CPV/4, 08/06/15
Agreement on Implementation of Article VI of the GATT 1994 (Anti-dumping)
Article 16.4
Competent authority and
G/ADP/N/193/CPV, 25/06/10
and 16.5
domestic procedures (none)
Agreement on Implementation of Article VII of the GATT 1994 (Customs valuation)
Entry into force of implementing
G/VAL/68; 05/03/12
G/VAL/69, 05/03/12
Article 22
Legislation implementing the
G/VAL/N/1/CPV/1, 17/07/12
Agreement (new Customs Code)
Agreement on Import Licensing Procedures
Article 7.3
Completed questionnaire
G/LIC/N/3/CPV/1, 30/10/09
G/LIC/N/3/CPV/2, 12/09/11
G/LIC/N/3/CPV/3, 04/04/13
Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS)
Article 63.2
Establishment of Intellectual
IP/N/1/CPV/1, 19/08/10
Property Institute of Cabo Verde
Article 63.2
Laws and regulations
IP/N/1/CPV/C/1, 13/02/13
IP/N/1/CPV/2, 13/02/13
Article 69
Contact points
IP/N/3/CPV/1, 17/04/13
WTO Secretariat.
Decree-Law No. 23/2009 of 20 July 2009 authorizes BCV to issue a coin to commemorate
Cabo Verde's membership in the World Trade Organization.
Within the UN system, Cabo Verde works with 38 other nations in the Small Island Developing States
(SIDS) forum.