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Please email this application, along with your logo (high resolution eps, png, or jpg file) to [email protected]
Company name:
Primary contact:
Email address:
Press Representative:
Email address:
Primary Phone:
__________________________________City__________________ State______ Zip ________
Secondary Contact: _________________________
Email address: __________________________
Phone: ________________
Marketing representative: ___________________
Email address
Primary phone:
Please provide the forms of social media you use along with the account names. We would like to support you.
Circle if your business is:
How would you best categorize your organization within the OSW industry? (Please circle or highlight all that apply)
Supplemental Support & Staffing
Workforce Development
Project Development
Project Management
Central Mon. Station instrumentation
Construction Management
Consultants - Electrical
Consultants - Environmental
Consultants - Health & Safety
Consultants - Permits
Consultants - Technology & Security
Consultants - Transportation
Design - Foundation
Design - Transition
Diving Services
Engineering - Civil
Engineering - Electrical
Engineering - Environmental
Engineering - Turbine
Engineering - Weld Services
GIS Support Services
Grid Sensing & Data Concentration
Helicopter Services
Land for Prospective Manufacturers
Legal Services
Permit Processing
Permitting/Ecological Studies
Port Infrastructure & Facilities
Power Generation
Protection & Control
Remote Sensing Technology
Research Services
Surveys - Environmental
Surveys - Subsea
Surveys - Other
Utility Layout
Civil Construction
Marine Construction
O&M Vessel Construction
Electrical Contracting
Utility Construction
Barge & Foundation Towing
Cable & Pipe Burial
Cable - Subsea Installer
Cable - Protection System
Cable - Subsea Installer
Electrical Contracting
Electricians - High Voltage
Electricians - Low Voltage
Harbor Dredging
HVAC/Mechanical Contractor
Heavy Transporter Services
Installation Vessel Provision for Construction
Installation - Foundation
Installation - OSS
Installation - WTG
Jack Up Barge Fabrication
Land Crane Services
Lay Down Area
Machining - Large Diameter
Machining - Small Part
Marine Salvage
Marine Support
Marine Surveillance & Security
MET Tower
Nacelle Covers
O&M Vessel Operation
Painting & Blasting Services
Rocks / Rip Rap for Anti‐scouring
Rope Access & Rigging
ROV Support for Subsea Cable Inst., Insp. & Burial
Ship Repair
Site Clearance
Steel Work for Offshore Substation
Switchgear Testing - Non-destructive
Transportation Services
Upland Cable & Substation/Grid Connection
Vessels - Inspection
Weld Inspection
Wiring Harnesses - High Voltage w/in Nacelle
Wiring Harnesses - High Voltage w/in Tower
WTG - Foundation Preassembly
Cable Supplier
Electrical Component Supplier
Equipment Distributor
Equipment Rental
Manufacturer - Cable
Manufacturer - Composite Turbine Blade
Manufacturer - Foundations
Manufacturer - Other
Manufacturer - Steel
Manufacturer - Towers
Manufacturer - Transition Pieces
Personnel Safety Equipment Supplier
Rigging Material Supplier
Steel Supplier
Supply House
Please provide a brief description of your company:
What are your membership goals? (Please check or highlight all that apply)
___ Build business to business relationships
___ Increase knowledge of the offshore wind sector
___ Enter new international markets
___ Enter new domestic markets
___ Network with domestic and international business executives
___ Network with domestic and international business executives
___ Stay current on procurement and OSW developments
___ Work on R&D projects with a focus on commercializing new
___ Expand international sales/trade
___ Contribute thought leadership to the field
___ Increase company visibility
___ Secure public sector funding for projects
___ Other: _________________________________________________________________________
Are there any specific member companies you are interested in meeting? (Please list Top 5 in priority order)
Are there any specific topics you’d like to see for webinars or workshops?
Propose a single new activity that the Network is not presently doing that will help your company.
Does your company have a budget to attend trade missions/export tours? Yes ___ No ___
Much of the work of the Network is done in our Working Groups. Please look through the Working Group Guide and
indicate below which committee(s) you are interested in joining. Feel free to contact any of the Committee Chairs for
more information.
___ Infrastructure
___ Innovation and Commercialization
___ Workforce and Economic Development
___ Advocacy
___ Membership, Marketing, & Outreach
___ Lower Eastern Shore Cluster
Were you referred by a Business Network member? If so, please list ____________________________________.
Please check the box next to the membership level that applies:
2016 Membership Dues
Gross Annual Revenue
$0 - $1M
$1M - $1.5M
$1.5M - $5m
$5M - $10M
$10 - $50M
$50M and above
International Businesses with no locations
in the U.S.
State Government agencies
Local Government agencies
Academic institutions
Check: Please mail checks to:
Attn: Liz Burdock
Business Network for Offshore Wind, Inc.
1701 North Gay Street
Baltimore, MD 21213
Credit Card:
Please contact Adrienne Kubeluis at [email protected]
Paying by credit card incurs an additional 2.5% fee.
Thank You!
We look forward to working with you,
accomplishing your membership goals
and growing the offshore wind industry.
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