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EUKN Policy Lab
Compact City Planning
“The development of positive planning in Cyprus,
the present existing instruments in use and
first thoughts to improve it”
Theodoros Hadjigeorgiou
Town Planner Officer A’
Assembly Member & NFP EUKN EGTC
1. Cyprus: Existing Situation
Regulation and management of Development through:
• Local Plans
• Planning Instruments
Urban Sprawl: (a) Problems with:
• Affordable public transport
• Affordable housing
• Accessible public services
The National Strategic Reference Framework for
Cohesion Policy 2007-2013 programming
document for Cyprus
1. Land speculation, adequate access
2. Traffic problems and almost total absence of public transport
3. Parking problems
4. Lack of adequate cultural and community facilities and
5. Lack of enough urban parks, green areas and public spaces
6. Lack of adequate public infrastructure in tourist areas
7. Lack of enough urban parks, green areas and public spaces
8. Delays in the implementation of urban infrastructure
9. Degradation of the urban space and environment
10. Lack of basic urban utilities
11. Mixing of incompatible uses
2. Urban Sprawl
Urban Sprawl:(b) Impact (OECD) in:
• Social cohesion
• Economic value
• Environment value
Urban Sprawl:(c)
• leads to greater distances, generating more demand for travel and
expenditure on improving transport systems.
• leads to changes in urban densities, most commonly a reduction in
densities in the urban core and an increase in densities towards the
• usually involves the conversion of previously rural land into urban
3. Existing Planning Instruments
The Department of Town Planning and Housing:
• Develops a limited number of social housing units
• Reconstructs villages destroyed by earthquake (Statos - Ayios
Photios), land sliding (Kivides) or dam construction (Alassa)
• Develops new housing areas and subdivisions for the displaced
families due to the Turkish invasion in Cyprus in 1974
• Supports housing schemes by advising District Officers
• Plays also a leading role in the rehabilitation of historic centres
• Promotes the Urban Land Consolidation (U.L.C.) bill
• Through Local plans provides incentives for the development of
affordable housing
The District Officers
The Cyprus Land Development Corporation
Cyprus Housing Financing Agency
4. Compact City
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and
Development (OECD)
Compact City characteristics:
i) Dense and proximate development patterns;
ii) Urban areas linked by an efficient public transport systems; and
iii) Accessibility to local services and jobs
Contributions of Compact Cities:
i) Shorter intra-urban travel distances;
ii) Less automobile dependency;
iii) More district-wide energy utilisation and local energy generation;
iv) Optimal use of land resources and more opportunity for urban-rural
v) More efficient public services delivery; and
vi) Better access to a diversity of local services and jobs.
Compact city includes a focus on:
urban regeneration
the revitalisation of urban cores
the promotion of public and non-motorized transport
extensive environmental controls, and
high standards of urban management.
Compact city policy targets:
• higher urban densities
• mixed-use and
• urban design quality
Compact city policies:
Direct investment
Compact city policy strategy:
• Explicit policy goals by encouraging an urban area-wide strategic
• Encourage dense development
• Retrofit existing built-up areas
• Enhance diversity and quality of life
• Minimising adverse negative effects
Compact city legislative and institutional instruments:
• Fiscal and monetary policy settings
• Administrative and institutional structures
Questions for exploration:
• What are the incentives that local/ planning authorities can
provide to the private sector to play a more active role in the
urban development of Cyprus and achieve the objectives of
local development plans?
• What are the policy tools that can improve the practice of
urban planning in Cyprus and guarantee a sustainable
development of Cypriot urban areas?
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