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Risk Assessment Record
Reference No.
Use of disc cutters and abrasive wheels
Assessment Carried out by
Review Date
Hazards Present
 Bursting of abrasive wheel or disc
 Contact with wheel or disc
 Clothing entanglement with moving parts
 Eye injury from flying particles
 Inhalation of dust
 Exposure to hazardous noise levels
Control Measures to be Implemented
 Sufficient operatives trained to change abrasive wheels and discs will be available at the workplace. The correct
wheels for the type of machine, speed and materials to be cut will be ordered and supplied.
 Abrasive wheel machines are subject to the planned maintenance programme. Special permit work clearance will
be obtained before using these machines in potentially explosive or flammable areas.
 An assessment of PPE requirements will be carried out before use of an abrasive wheel is authorised; this will
include hearing, eye, head and foot protection as appropriate for the work and the machine.
 PPE will be worn as directed. Loose clothing and ties will not be worn by operators. Disc cutters will only be used
when standing on a firm, level base. Operators will ensure that all persons are kept away from areas where sparks
or dust are directed.
 Equipment and discs/wheels will be visually checked for damage before use by operators, ensuring operating speed
is indicated.
 Users will not use undue pressure, and will use the right disc/wheel.
 Details of operatives trained to the Schedule to the Regulations and appointed to mount abrasive wheels will be
entered into the Abrasive Wheels Register. A copy of the entry will be given to the operative, or other written
 Suitable storage facilities will be available at the workplace for spare discs and wheels. Equipment and spare
wheels are to be checked for visible signs of damage before issue.
 Statutory notices required by the regulations will be displayed.
 All personnel changing abrasive wheels or cutting discs will be trained to the Schedule to the Regulation and
appointed in writing by their employer. Proof of training and appointment will be required; this also applies to
 Selection may be required of operatives who have experience of the work and are physically fit.
Risk assessments and method statements are issued to all workers involved in the activity. This generic
assessment must be supplemented by a site specific risk assessment.
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safety operating procedure - QUT | Facilities Management
safety operating procedure - QUT | Facilities Management