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Anglers and IR Lagoon Fish Consumers Wanted 7-17
In order to assess human mercury exposure, Florida Atlantic University’s Harbor Branch
Oceanographic Institute is conducting a study of individuals, particularly anglers, along
the Indian River Lagoon (IRL). The research will help provide an understanding of the
ways that fish consumption influences mercury exposure in humans. As part of the
study, the researchers are asking anglers and others who may consume IRL fish to go to
The Lagoon House in Palm Bay between 12 PM and 2 PM on July 17 to complete a brief
(10-15 min.) questionnaire and provide a small hair sample, which will be assessed for
the presence of mercury.
Study participants will learn about multiple
issues facing the IRL ecosystem and potential
impacts on local human and dolphin
populations. A better understanding of the
relationship between local fish consumption
and mercury intake is an expected outcome of
this study. Results will be disseminated to the
local communities, highlighting specific
species and intake that put individuals at risk
for adverse health impacts.
Mercury released into the environment from industrial sources ends up in our oceans,
leading to seafood contamination. Because it builds up in wildlife through a process
called bioaccumulation, animals high on the food web have higher concentrations
mercury. Elevated mercury levels have also been documented in a variety of marine
and aquatic wildlife. In measuring mercury concentrations in IRL bottlenose dolphins,
FAU-Harbor Branch researchers have found that mercury concentrations in these
dolphins is significantly higher than other dolphin populations along the east coast of
the U.S.
If you have any questions regarding the research, please contact Adam Schaefer at (772)
242-2311 or [email protected]
Labor Day - Mercury Capital
Labor Day - Mercury Capital
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Document 8841848