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POLICY: Computer Acceptable Usage Policy
NO: 07-01-12
1. Why do we need a Computer Usage Policy?
All FÁS employees are provided with a PC. This PC is the property of FÁS and may
be used by an employee only in accordance with the policies in place from time to
time. All information stored or created on PCs, FÁS computer systems or on backup
media and all information transmitted via the FÁS network remains the property of
FÁS and must be treated in strictest confidence. This is the overall or general policy.
It should be read in conjunction with the other fourteen IT policies which are:
E-Mail Acceptable Usage Policy
Internet and Intranet Acceptable Usage Policy
Laptop Acceptable Usage Policy
Password Policy
Bulletin Board Acceptable Usage Policy
Information Security Policy
VPN Acceptable Usage Policy
Disposal, Resale and Donation of Equipment Policy
Acceptable Usage Policy for Broadband Access in Clinics
Acceptable Usage Policy for Access to the Administration Network
Access to FAS Applications by Third Parties
USB Acceptable Usage Policy
Staff Leaving Policy
Data Protection Obligations Policy
2. What is the main objective of the Computer Usage Policy?
The policy has three goals:
Confidentiality - assuring that sensitive data is available only to authorised
Integrity - protecting data and software from improper modification
Availability - Ensuring that Systems, Networks, Applications and Data are
on-line and available to authorised personnel
3. Use of Computers
FÁS employees are provided with computers in order to undertake their daily work
activities. Computers are provided primarily for business use. However, FÁS
understands that from time to time employees may need to use their computer for a
personal matter. Personal use of computers must conform with this Policy and the
related policies set out at 1. above.
Prepared by:
Effective Date:
Sept. 2012
May & Oct ‘08, Nov.’09,
June ‘12
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POLICY: Computer Acceptable Usage Policy
NO: 07-01-12
In particular, computers may not be used to:
waste services (including time) or cause, or be likely to cause, disruption to
the service, or damage to the resource or resources
accept, download, print or distribute in any way material which is
pornographic, defamatory, offensive, racist, sexist, discriminatory, obscene,
intimidating, or otherwise inappropriate.
Files Stored on PCs and Laptops
No work-related files should be stored locally on PC’s and laptops. All work related
files should be stored on file servers where they are backed up. No content stored
locally on PCs and laptops is backed up, therefore, in the event of machine failure it
will not be possible to restore files.
Using your own device to access FÁS Information (Bring your own Device
At present it is not permitted to attach devices which are not issued by FÁS to the
FÁS network. This will include items such as personal laptops, tablets and desktop
computers. Access to FÁS e-mail via smartphone is permitted. However, if the
smartphone is lost or stolen, the user must contact FÁS IT Department and have
their password changed immediately to prevent unauthorised access to their
Monitoring of PCs and Files Held on Servers
FÁS also reserves the right to review content stored on PCs. This will include files
stored on the hard drive. Monitoring may be completed at any time and staff may
not be notified it is taking place. Staff must therefore ensure that no inappropriate
content is stored on their PC. If staff suspect that material of an inappropriate
nature resides on their PC, they should contact IT who will scan the PC and remove
the material.
It is not the practice of FÁS to monitor files stored on individual machines or on
servers. However, in the following circumstances, monitoring may be carried out:
Where the screening system or a complaint received indicates that a
particular file/s contains material in breach of this policy;
Where a legitimate work reason exists to open file/s;
If necessitated by, or in relation to, operational, maintenance, auditing,
compliance, security, investigative requirements, or for another legitimate
business purpose.
Prepared by:
Effective Date:
Sept. 2012
May & Oct ‘08, Nov.’09,
June ‘12
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POLICY: Computer Acceptable Usage Policy
NO: 07-01-12
The opening of files for investigation requires the authorisation of the individual’s line
Assistant Director General and the Director of IT on a case by case basis. Internal
Audit may however, with the agreement of the ADG Corporate Services, conduct an
investigation without recourse to the Director IT or to line management. In such
cases, the staff member or members will, when appropriate, be advised that an audit
has commenced.
The FÁS screening procedures may change from time to time. Changes, which in
the opinion of FÁS are significant, will be brought to the attention of all employees.
Removable Media
“Removable media” refers to cartridge and disc-based storage devices which
can be used to easily move data between computers. Floppy disks, compact
discs and flash memory cards are all removable media. Often Removable
Media can contain viruses. It is therefore important that caution is exercised
when using removable media in FÁS systems. Always ensure that the media
is from a reliable source. Removable media must always be virus checked by
IT before use.
How should removable media be disposed of ?
If possible, the media should be wiped and re-used. If this is not possible the
media should be destroyed. Media should be disposed of in the bins provided
within head office and the regions. This will ensure safe and secure disposal
of the media.
Unlicensed Software
The installation of unlicensed software is not permitted on FÁS computers.
Access to FÁS Systems
Access to FÁS Systems is granted by the IT department. Any abuse of access
rights can result in rights being removed from individual users.
FÁS Data
FÁS staff must ensure that all data residing on FÁS computers is held in a
manner that complies with the Data Protection Acts, 1988 to 2003.
Failure to comply with the Computer Acceptable Usage Policy may result in
disciplinary action under FÁS Disciplinary Procedures. In certain instances
non-compliance may lead to civil and/or criminal proceedings.
Prepared by:
Effective Date:
Sept. 2012
May & Oct ‘08, Nov.’09,
June ‘12
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