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ME 252 - Thermal-Fluid Systems
Fall Semester 2004
Due Tuesday, Nov 9
1. Determine the specific humidity, relative humidity, enthalpy, dew point temperature, and
specific volume of moist air at 1 atm if the dry bulb and wet bulb temperatures are 28C
and 25C, respectively. Use the following methods for each quantity:
a. “Exact” equations,
b. Psychrometric chart – show results on a copy of the chart,
c. Interactive Thermodynamics (IT) – include print-out of equations and results.
Moran & Shapiro text:
2. 12.76
3. 12.79
4. 12.86
Cengel & Boles text:
2. 13-73
3. 13-77
4. 13-93
5. Cooling water from the condenser of a power plant enters a forced-draft cooling tower at
40C at a rate of 90 kg/s. The water is cooled to 25C in the cooling tower by air that
enters the tower at 1 atm, 23C, and 60% relative humidity and leaves saturated at 32C.
Neglecting the power input to the fan, determine the (a) volume flow rate of air into the
cooling tower, (b) mass flow rate of the required make-up water, and (c) the tower
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Geometry Name_______________________________ Homework
Geometry Name_______________________________ Homework