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M2 Oral Exam Contents
The 15-minute M2 oral exam concludes Language Courses I & II. It tests both the students'
knowledge of English and their ability to speak fluently, correctly and appropriately, without
significant native-language interferences.
In the exam, students must orally summarize, analyze and discuss a brief newspaper article in
English. They must be prepared to identify, classify and explain selected linguistic features
and write a short phonemic transcription.
The exam tests the language features taught in the two courses, LC I and LC II, based on their
respective coursebooks (see below).
Martin Parrott, Grammar for English Language Teachers. With Exercises and a Key (2nd
edition). Cambridge UP, 2010.
Particular emphasis on
-lexical units (e.g. collocations, idioms, fixed phrases)
-the noun phrase (e.g. types of nouns, articles, possessives)
-the verb phrase (e.g. tense, aspect, voice)
-clause and sentence structures (e.g. relative, adverbial, and noun clauses)
Hartwig Eckert and William Barry. The Phonetics and Phonology of English Pronunciation.
A Coursebook with CD-ROM. WVT, 2005.
Particular emphasis on
-common German interferences and problem areas (e.g. devoicing, diphthongs, dental
fricatives, trap vowel)
- weak forms, linking, elision and assimilation
Further details on the exam requirements are available in the language courses, attendance of
which is compulsory for all students.
Learning Target
Learning Target
verb noun sort
verb noun sort