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Exploration Geochemistry Short Course
Date: November 28, 2016
Time: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm
Lynda Bloom, Analytical Solutions Ltd., President, Mulmur, ON
Pim van Geffen, Manager REFLEX Geosciences - North America, Vancouver, BC
Course Description:
Considerable money is spent by mining companies to acquire geochemical data.
However, these datasets often receive only a cursory appraisal focused on recognizing
first-order anomalies due to lack of resources, or the appropriate skills, to effectively
interrogate the data. This course will give the attendees the tools to design successful
geochemical surveys, interpret multi-element geochemical data effectively; apply
knowledge of geochemical/geological processes and controls, and develop skills to
recognize exploration targets.
Key concepts will include:
1) Design of successful surficial geochemical programs.
2) Fit-for purpose data and assessing the impact of data quality on interpretation.
3) Diamond exploration analytical methods and quality control.
4) The application and benefits of Exploratory Data Analysis and other statistical
techniques to determine geochemical trends and identify outliers.
5) Application of these techniques using examples from gold, diamond, and base
metal exploration.
Who Should Attend:
The course is basic to intermediate level and will be particularly useful to geologists,
engineers, and anyone interested in learning more about the applications of
geochemistry to mineral exploration. Participants are assumed to have an introductory
knowledge of mineral deposit types and the principles of geochemistry (i.e. familiarity
with periodic table).
Attendance: limit 50 registrants
Cost: $300/person + GST ($15.00) = $315.00
Lunch and refreshments included
Venue: Delta Bessborough, 601 Spadina Crescent E, Saskatoon, SK
Contact for More Information: [email protected]
Cancellation and Refund Policy:
All Saskatchewan Geological Open House Short Courses may be subject to
cancellation if undersubscribed. If the course is cancelled, all registration fees will be
refunded in full. Registration fees are non-refundable for voluntary withdrawals after
November 14.
Accommodations in Saskatoon:
For information regarding accommodations in the city contact
[email protected]
About the Presenters:
Lynda Bloom, President, Analytical Solutions Ltd.
After earning a M.Sc. at Queen's University in 1981, Lynda gained experience as an
exploration geochemist planning and interpreting geochemical surveys across Canada,
and in many South America and African countries. She is recognized as a world-expert
on assay methods and has traveled extensively worldwide to review sampling and
analytical procedures. She also has public company experience, has held numerous
volunteer positions for industry associations as well as serving on government advisory
boards. [email protected]
Dr. Pim van Geffen, Reflex Geochemistry, Manager and Senior Geochemist
Pim received his M.Sc. degree in geochemistry from Utrecht University in the
Netherlands, and completed his Ph.D. research at Queen’s University in Kingston,
Canada. He previously worked as a geochemist with Anglo American Exploration
(Canada). Pim has worked as a Senior Geochemist with the REFLEX team (formerly
ioGlobal) since 2011. Pim has exploration experience in base metals, platinum group
elements, and tantalum-niobium ores and holds a position on the Technical Advisory
Committee of Geoscience BC. [email protected]
Michael McCubbing, Saskatchewan Research Council, Supervisor of the Geoanalytical
Laboratories Diamond Services Division. He has 15 years’ experience in laboratory
techniques of diamond processing including micro diamond extraction by caustic fusion
and macro diamond processing by dense media separation. He has served as
chairperson for the Mineral Deposits Division of the Geological Association of Canada
and is currently a Director and is a registered professional geoscientist with APEGS.
[email protected]