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April 24, 2014
Timothy Bridge, Max Spencer, William Price, Peter McGinty, Steve Arnold, Robert
Parker, John Prucnal, John Dusek,
Joe Costa, Bill Pfoff,
Amanda Settelmaier, Barb Fallon, and Liz Kozub
Motion by Robert Parker, seconded by Max Spencer to approve the March 27, 2014
Minutes and Treasurer’s Report. Motion passed unanimously.
CDBG Update
Jack Exler. Deputy Director of the Allegheny County Economic Development
department, came to last COG directors meeting on April 8th and provided an update
on CDBG funding. He advised that the COG will likely sustain its budget this year but
he is concerned about the budgets in the years to come. He feels a $3.3 billion budget
at the federal level is needed to sustain the program. However the President’s budget is
only $2.8 billion and there is a budget circulating in the House of Representatives for
only $1.6 billion. Therefore Jack is asking every town to pass a resolution supporting
increased funding in 2015 for the CDBG program. A template of the resolution was
handed out to the delegates. There is also a template letter to Congress. He is asking
that municipalities send those to Congress and notify him when they have done so.
Steve Arnold asked if this resolution was related to the documents received from the
County Executive’s Office earlier in the year. Amanda advised those documents were a
different and pertained to municipalities’ option to opt-in or opt-out of the CDBG
program. Those documents may have been a little confusing because they appear like
you need to pass a resolution but in reality it is not needed. However this new
resolution handed out tonight is different.
Pete McGinty asked if these templates can be sent to the managers. Amanda agreed
that was a good idea and she will send those soon. For those municipalities who do
pass the resolution please let Jack and Amanda know.
Amanda went over the Director’s Report (attached). The Director’s report is a good way
of showcasing what the COG is doing for its members.
Amanda provided an update on Land banking. She advised we are working through the
acquisition and disposition policies but it is a very challenging process. All of our
efforts thus far have been paid for through foundation grants and we are continuing to
form partnerships around the issue of blight.
The Police Chief meeting this month with District Attorney Stephen Zapalla was a
particularly successful meeting. A lot of issues were discussed. He is starting a Public
Integrity Unit in the region. This will involve the unit verifying the police acted
accordingly in certain incidents such as police use of deadly fire.
In short, the COG is really busy and we have a lot of good things happening.
Amanda and Tim spoke about an update with the Vactor program. Unfortunately there
are some mechanical damages to the truck that we need resolve. The program was
scheduled to be up and running this month but unfortunately it is being delayed. We
will know more about the extent of the problem tomorrow. The problems are being
assessed by the Cleveland Brothers in Cranberry. We are committed to the program but
we need to consider the costs as we move forward.
If the vactor operator, Ray, has made an appointment with your community he has
been calling to reschedule. We may be looking at 2-3 weeks of repairs from what we are
understanding. We apologize for any inconvenience that will cause.
Tim thanked everyone for their help at the ALOM conference at Seven Springs. A lot of
good networking occurred and people seemed to really enjoy the hospitality room.
Lucky asked about the summer schedule for the COG board meetings. Tim responded
that the board typically meets through June and motions to suspend meetings until
September. This has been the practice since some CD projects may need to be
approved at the June meeting.
Motion to adjourn by Robert Parker, seconded by William Price.