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Acts 9:1-31; 22:1-21; 26:9-23
“Saul, still breathing threats and murder against the disciples of the Lord…”—Acts 9:1
“He began to proclaim Jesus in the synagogues, saying, ‘He is the Son of God.’”—Acts 9:20
There were times when God chose special men to teach about Jesus. Paul was one of those,
and he became an apostle because he was chosen and sent by Jesus. Today, God wants all of us
to help teach about Jesus. The church grew because of the teachings of Paul and the church will
grow if we work and teach the gospel to others. That is what God has planned for us.
1. Saul had been taught to love God, but he hated Jesus and would not believe that He was
the Son of God. Saul hunted for Christians and put them in jail.
2. Saul really thought he was pleasing God.
3. Many Christians were afraid to stay in Jerusalem; they moved to another city called
4. Some men went with Saul on the long trip to Damascus to arrest Christians.
5. Suddenly, a bright light flashed down from heaven. Saul fell to the ground, shaking with
fear. A loud voice called to Saul from heaven saying, “Saul, Saul, why are you trying to
hurt me?”
6. Saul asked, “Who are you, Lord? ” The voice answered, “I am Jesus, whom you are
7. The Lord told Saul to go into the city and he would then be told what to do.
8. Saul was blinded from the light; his men had to lead him by the hand into Damascus.
9. God called a Christian man named Ananias to find Saul and lay his hands on him.
10. Ananias laid his hands on Saul; Saul’s sight was restored; Saul obeyed the gospel and was
baptized; Saul’s name was changed to Paul.
Acts 22:16
“…why are you waiting? Arise and be baptized, and wash away your sins…”
High Priest
Persecute (persecuting)
The book of Acts is the story about how the church grew as people began to teach the gospel
to all the world. But there were still some people who tried to stop the church from growing. A
man named Saul was one of those people. Saul had been brought up to love God, but he hated
Jesus and would not believe that Jesus was God. Saul wanted to get rid of everyone who loved
Jesus. Saul went from house to house in Jerusalem hunting for men and women who believed in
Jesus. He dragged them off to jail. He hoped they would be killed for calling Jesus their God
and Savior. Saul really thought that he was pleasing God by doing this!
Many Christians were afraid to stay in Jerusalem, so they moved to another city called
Damascus. Saul heard about these Christians; he made up his mind to get them, too. He was
given permission from the high priest to bring them back to Jerusalem in chains. Saul got some
men to help him, and they set out on the long trip to Damascus.
Suddenly, when Saul was almost to Damascus, a bright light flashed down from heaven. The
light was so strong and bright that Saul fell down to the ground shaking with fear. Then, Saul
heard a voice calling to him from heaven saying, “Saul, Saul, why are you trying to hurt me?”
Saul said, “Who are you, Lord?” The voice said, “I AM JESUS, whom you are persecuting.”
What a shock for Saul! All this time he had hated Jesus. Now he knew the truth: Jesus is God!
Saul asked, “Lord, what do you want me to do?”
Jesus said, “Get up and go into the city. There you will be told what you must do.” When the
light had gone away, Saul was blind. His men had to lead him into the city by the hand. For
three days, Saul could see nothing. In Damascus, there was a Christian man named Ananias.
God called to Ananias in a vision saying, “Find a man here in the city named Saul. I want you to
lay hands on him so that he may see again.”
“But Lord,” said Ananias, “I have heard of Saul and the terrible things he has done to Your
believers in Jerusalem. He has come to Damascus to capture Christians and take them to prison,
But God said, “Go, for I have chosen Saul to be My special teacher who will take the good
news of the Savior to many Gentile people.” So Ananias went to find Saul. He laid his hands on
Saul and said, “Brother Saul, the Lord Jesus has sent me to lay hands on you so that you may see
again.” When Ananias did this, Saul could see again! Then Ananias told Saul that he should
obey God and be baptized. Saul did what Ananias told him to do.
Saul was so happy to know the good news that he went out and began telling all the people
that Jesus was the Son of God, The Savior. The Jews couldn’t believe what they were hearing!
They said, “Isn’t this the man who hunted and captured Christians at Jerusalem? Didn’t he come
here to find Christians take them back to prison in Jerusalem?” The more Saul preached, the
more the Jews hated hearing about Jesus. The Jews decided to have men watching for Saul at
the city gates. There they would kill Saul as he tried to leave the city. The Christians heard of
this plan. One night, Saul’s friends let him down through a hole in the city wall in a large basket.
Saul escaped and went to Jerusalem.
Saul was no longer called Saul, the man who hated Jesus. His name was changed to Paul.
God chose him to go and teach and the church grew and grew as Paul took the good news of
Jesus to all the world.
1. Why did the Christians leave Jerusalem and go to Damascus?
2. Who wanted to go to Damascus to bring the Christians back to jail?
3. What happened to Saul when he was near Damascus?
4. Who talked to Saul from the bright light?
5. What else happened to Saul?
6. What did Jesus tell Saul to do?
7. Why did Ananias not want to go to Damascus?
8. What did Ananias tell Saul that he needed to do?
9. What special assignment did God have for Saul?
10. What was Saul’s name changed to?
Discuss: Saul found and put Christians in jail. Do you think of him being strong and brave?
What was so special about the light and voice that made him tremble with fear?
Ananias was an ordinary man; how did he have the power to restore sight to Saul?
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Acts 10
Memory Verse: 1 Thess. 5:17 – “Pray without ceasing.”