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Developing Workplace
Health Policy
Introduction to policy
Workplace health policy
Policy examples
Support, tools and resources
Introduction to Policy
What is policy?
• “… a law, regulation, procedure,
administrative action, incentive, or
voluntary practice of governments and
other institutions.” (CDC, 2013)
Workplace Health Policy
Why it policy important?
• Demonstrates commitment to health
Workplace Health Policy
What does it look like?
• Single topic
• Comprehensive
Workplace Health Policy
Why develop it?
Demonstrate commitment
Act as a mechanism for change
Establish context
Provide legitimization
Workplace Health Policy
Why develop it?
Establish durability
Justify use of resources
Ensure health and safety
Provide clarification
Policy Examples
Single topic – tobacco
• Since the dangers of second-hand smoke
have been well substantiated, all
(workplace) facilities are smoke-free
areas, at all times
Policy Examples
Single topic – pregnancy
• The (workplace) recognizes and supports
the unique circumstances of employees
who become pregnant. Management
works with employees to ensure mutually
agreeable hours of work, breaks and
assignments to support a healthy
pregnancy outcome
Policy Examples
Comprehensive health
• The (workplace) is committed to promoting
and maintaining the well-being of
Developing Policy
• Establish commitment from key players
• Establish good communication networks
• Develop a first draft and gather input from
key stakeholders
Developing Policy
• Revise first draft and gather input from
• Finalize draft and get final approval
• Develop an implementation plan and
launch the policy
Developing Policy
• Monitor and evaluate the policy
Support, tools and resources
• Northwestern Health Unit
– 1-800-830-5978
– Local office
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The health and safety of older workers
The health and safety of older workers