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Join our lovely program!
Authentic Montessori
 Engages children in
the joy of learning
We offer a variety of
options for the summer.
 Half Day mornings are
spent in Children’s
House (8:45-12:00).
 Afternoons are spent
outdoors, weather
permitting, completing
weekly themed
projects (1:15 – 3:15).
 Full Day experience
includes 3 hours in
Children’s, lunch, play
and weekly themed
projects, gardening,
and nature exploration
 Every Wednesday is
Water Play Day!
 Every Friday is play at
the park or hike at
Dodge Nature Center.
 We also have extended
day options for those
who need it.
 Nurtures
independence and the
discovery of each
child’s gifts
2015 Summer Program
 Develops responsibility
to one’s community
 Cultivates unity with
the earth and
compassion for all
living things
 Promotes world peace
through generations
of children
Mississippi Valley
Montessori School
1575 Charlton Street,
West St. Paul, MN 55118
(lower level of St. Stephens Church)
For more information:
[email protected]
MVMS does not discriminate on the basis of
race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin.
When children are placed in natural
surroundings, then there is the
revelation of their strength. – Maria
Montessori, Discovery of the Child
Mississippi Valley Montessori School is an AMI
Associated School, committed to the practice
of authentic Montessori Education. MVMS has
a rich, 48 year history, offering affordable
tuition and an environmental focus.
Phone: 651.450.6693
July Highlights
June Highlights
Scavenger Hunt
 Nature Art
 Painting
Science Week
 Make an Anemometer
 Create a Tornado
 Make a Cloud in a Jar
 Experiment, Experiment,
& Sunflowers
Create a Sunflower Garden
Box Painting Fiesta
Make Rainbow Streamers
Water Table
Americana Week
 Flags, Stars & Stripes
 Create a Star-Spangled
 Draw Fireworks Pictures
Americana Week Continued
Explore Seeds, Flowers and Crafts
 Seed Picture & Seed Frames
 Flower Pressing
 Marble Art
 Hanging Mobiles
Garden Tending & Cooking
 Learn About Cooking,
Nutrition and Sustainability
 Sprouting
 Herb Picking and Drying
Imagination Week
 Dress-Up
 Parks
 Animals
August Highlights
Body, Mind and Spirit Days
 Massage
 Belly Breathing
 Create an MVMS Kite
 Make a Face Mask
Summer Fun Days
 Obstacle Course
 Parachute Games
 Water Table Games
 Children’s Choice
Sports Week
 Soccer
 Kickball
 Biking
 Track and Field
Art, Art!
Jewelry Making
Paint with Salt
Handprint Pictures