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National Wage Case Decision on this occasion. Nothing was put to us to indicate that either the
national or State economies would suffer if the increases were implemented by a General Order of
the kind we propose. There is nothing to indicate that the implementation last year, on a common
date by General Order, of the previous safety net adjustment to award wages and the increase in
the adult minimum wage adversely affected the economy or caused hardship to employers affected
by that General Order. Such information as there is suggests that only a small percentage of the
workplaces in this State rely on an award to set their actual rates of pay. Needless to say we do
not consider this process as being inconsistent with the determination in the National Wage Case.
Importantly in this context, the Australian Industrial Relations Commission determined that the
wage increases flowing from the National Wage Case would be available “no earlier than
12 months after the increases provided for” in the preceding National Wage Case were
incorporated into the relevant award and that the wage adjustments be available “no earlier than
the date on which the award is varied”. The General Order which we propose gives effect to both
aspects of that formula. Furthermore, consistent with the National Wage Decision the General
Order will provide for the increases to be “fully absorbable against all above award payments”.
Section 51 envisages that the National Wage Decision will be given effect to by a General Order, a
vehicle not available to the Australian Industrial Relations Commission, and we propose to utilize
that vehicle fully on this occasion. However because of the individual nature of allowances and
service increments we intend that they be varied in accordance with the terms of Principle 5 on
application as has been the practice in the past.
On Tuesday 27th June the Commission will issue the Minutes of a Proposed Order with schedules
amending awards in terms of the arbitrated safety net adjustments, the increase in the adult
minimum award wage and amendments to overcome the compounded effect of a series of
repetitious absorption provisions.
Speaking to the Minutes of Proposed Order will take place on Friday 7thJuly 2000.