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Endorsement of External and Internal Documents
External Document Policy
ALLSA is not bound to its sponsors or advertisers and is under no obligation to endorse material
of such companies.
ALLSA’s default policy is that no material is endorsed unless all of the following criteria are
1. The material contains no reference to one product being superior to another;
2. There is no financial gain to a member of the ALLSA Executive Committee;
3. The material is scientifically sound;
4. No Individual or Organisation (other than ALLSA itself) should benefit financially or in
kind from such an ALLSA endorsement, irrespective of who has created or written the
piece of work which requires endorsement;
5. ALLSA itself may charge a third party any appropriate fees for any piece of work which
ALLSA has endorsed and the third party wishes to use or distribute, provided ALLSA is
satisfied that such a work will be distributed or used for the purposes for which it was
created. If any third party, excluding proceedings or recommendations related to that of
an ALLSA Working Group, or consequent to an ALLSA instruction, generates a piece of
work requiring ALLSA endorsement, then the ALLSA Excom needs to constitute a
standing ‘working committee’ to first ratify and validate any such piece of work, before
recommending endorsement to the Excom and before any such endorsement is granted.
Internal Document Policy
The ALLSA documents SHOULD be allowed to be reprinted and referenced by our sponsors,
after the same process of submission and approval to allow the endorsement of the document,
but that any changes to the document not be allowed except for a statement that the printing of
the document is sponsored by the company, and allowing a company logo, but no drug or brand
names on the document.
ALLSA sponsors are entitled to submit material with a request for endorsement to the Chairman
The material will be submitted to all Excom members;
Endorsement will be provided if 50% of Excom members vote in favour of endorsement in the
case of internal documents and, if applicable, after the working committee has evaluated the
external document and presented it to Excom, of whom at least 50% should be in favour of the
Endorsement means that the material may carry the ALLSA logo with wording ‘This material is
endorsed by ALLSA’.
Payment for such endorsements shall be in the form of SPONSORSHIP of the ALLSA Journal
Current Allergy and Clinical Immunology at the current rate. Therefore there is no charge to
current Society Sponsors.
Signed on this day 22 February 2014….
Chairman: ALLSA