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Class 4’s Farmer’s Market Mince pie countdown
In the second half of the Autumn term, school decided to hold a Farmers’ Market and Class 4
decided to make mince pies to sell.
Over a five week period, we worked through the complete costing and design process of making
mince pies, including making and costing our own mincemeat for 200 mince pies and designing our
own packaging.
This is our mince pie journey!
Week 1 – Evaluating the competition
We wanted to work out what made a great mince pie, so, in groups, we evaluated a range of
mince pies, giving each mince pie marks for its
 external and internal packaging,
 overall appearance and quality of its pastry and filling.
Class 4’s overall winner with 32 marks out of a possible total of 50 was Asda’s mince pie!
Week 2 – Costing our Mince pie
The following week, we used our numeracy skills to undertake a cost analysis of producing a
single mince pie and used lots of mathematical language of proportion and scale.
Before buying the ingredients, we used the internet and a price comparison website to find the
cheapest ingredients and then spent an afternoon working in groups to find out what quantity of
mincemeat and pastry we needed.
We discovered that we needed to make 3kg of mincemeat to make 200 mince pies and that it
would cost us £23.80 to buy the ingredients.
We worked out that it would cost 11.9p to make a single pie (rounded up to 12p per mince pie).
Class parents suggested that they would pay up to 50p per mince pie at the Farmers’ market; if
we sold each mince pie for up to 50p, we could make 38p profit on each mince pie and a total
profit of £76.00!
Week 3 – Designing our mince pie
We worked in groups to design a mince pie to sell having in mind our target audience and what
would appeal to them.
We designed our mince pies on paper first (explaining why we had chosen our design) and then
made 3 prototype mince pies.
The cooked mince pies were then judged by independent judges and the mince pies with a lid and
a simple star and a Christmas tree, were chosen by the judges as the winners.
Week 4 – Using persuasive language to market our mince pies
We worked in pairs to think of persuasive language which would help to sell our mince pies and
then presented our ideas to the class.
We shared our ideas to create a label including a title, a description and a slogan. A class vote
decided the winner!
These were our mince pie slogans:
 So good even Santa is jealous!
 Santa can’t resist them so why should you?!
 When you take a bite, you know Christmas is here!
 Even Santa eats them, so eat them before they eat themselves!
 You’ve never lived until you’ve tasted Class 4’s mince pies!
 We make homemade, you take freshly baked. Yah!
 The only gift you’ll want this Christmas!
 Keep calm and eat mince pies!
The winning slogans were:
“Santa can’t resist them, so why should you?!”
“So good even Santa is jealous!”
This was the label we designed using persuasive language:
Homemade Melt-in-the-Mouth Mince Pies
Delicious buttery pastry packed with juicy homemade mincemeat.
Made with love and Christmas magic by the elves in Class 4!
Santa can’t resist them so why should you?!
Week 5 – The Farmers’ Market - Making and selling 200 Mince Pies!
We spend a morning making our homemade mincemeat using dried fruit, Bramley apples and
mixed spices. The mixture was left for 12 hours and then cooked for 3 hours on a low heat.
Then over the course of a day we made 200 mince pies with the help of three parent volunteers!
During the Farmers’ Market some of us took turns manning the stall and we were delighted that
our mince pies sold out!
In total we made £71.00 profit and learned a lot in the process!
A huge thank you to all adults who helped us.
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Year 4 Autumn Term Overview
Year 4 Autumn Term Overview