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May 2015
New Rheumatic Fever website for the Ministry of Health
Check out our new Rheumatic Fever Prevention Programme website, launched
recently to keep families and communities informed about rheumatic fever.
This user-friendly website contains information families need to know about
rheumatic fever. It promotes key prevention messages, what to do when someone
gets a sore throat, where to access services to get a sore throat checked, and how
communities are getting involved to raise awareness. It also has short films, links to
the latest information on the 2015 Rheumatic Fever Awareness Campaign and will
continue to be developed over the coming months.
All existing Ministry of Health rheumatic fever websites will be maintained and
updated as usual. However, this latest website
has been designed with communities in mind, making it easy for families to get
information relating to the Rheumatic Fever Prevention Programme from one central
Please promote this website to colleagues, through your social media and regional
communication channels, with whānau and communities. Together, we can stop
sore throats hurting hearts. #letsstopRF
If you have any feedback on the website, please contact Jackie Mayne:
[email protected]
Dr Chrissie Pickin
Chief Advisor, Population Health and
Programme Lead Rheumatic Fever Prevention Programme
Office of the Director of Public Health
Public Health
Clinical Leadership, Protection & Regulation
Ministry of Health
DDI: 04 816 3983
Mobile: 021 824 983
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