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Capitalization Worksheet
Use proofreader’s marks to insert capitalization in the following sentences. If the
sentence is correct, write C in the left margin.
1. Please read “sales tax is sure to be reduced” in today’s newspaper.
2. What undergraduate courses does the university offer in the area of western
3. Please be sure to give your social security number along with your name.
4. I expect to receive my master’s degree next spring.
5. I will check with american airlines at kennedy airport to see if anyone has turned
in the manila envelope you lost.
6. You may get a laugh out of mark’s new article, “rexburg is not as great a place as
it’s cracked up to be.”
7. I am now a senior at the university of tennessee, majoring in business
administration. After I get my bachelor’s degree this spring, I hope to attend the
harvard business school.
8. I have asked the reverend frank smith, pastor of st. mark’s roman catholic church,
to give the invocation at the lions club banquet on veterans day.
Circle the correct word.
9. We will begin an aggressive sales campaign next (spring, Spring).
10. Our headquarters is located in (eastern, Eastern) Kentucky.
11. His sales area includes the (Midwest, midwest).
12. My (aunt, Aunt) will not be visiting me at Randolph (college, College).
13. That (professor, Professor) Arnold is not like any of the other marketing