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Medical Recruitment Department, Ground Floor Portacabins, Llanfrechfa Grange, Cwmbran, NP44 8YN
Briefing for New Medical Appointees
Welcome to the Aneurin Bevan University Health Board
We would like to wish you every success in your new role and hope that your experience with
Aneurin Bevan University Health Board will prove to be pleasant, challenging and rewarding.
This Briefing includes contact details for teams or individuals who may be able to provide you with
help and advice as you take up your role in the organisation and some key points to support your
induction and orientation. ESSENTIAL READING is highlighted in red text.
Comments on this Briefing and ideas for topics for inclusion in future editions would be very
welcome - please email the Medical Recruitment Team: [email protected]
Pre-Employment Issues
Questions about your appointment letter/contract/salary/pre-employment checks?
Please contact the Medical Recruitment Team:
For General Enquiries  01633 623935  Fax 01633 623420
Email: [email protected] (external) or ARR_MedicalRecruitment (internal)
Job title
Katheryn Dennes
Team leader / Medical
Recruitment Advisor
Contact Number
Hours Worked
01633 623687
09:00 to 17:00
Mon to Tues
09:00 to 15:00
Wed to Fri
Rhiannan Elliott
Team Leader /Senior
Medical Recruitment Advisor
Sarah Parry
Medical Recruitment Advisor
Lewis Iles
Medical Recruitment Advisor
Amy Whiting
Medical Recruitment Advisor
01633 623349
Advertising and Interviews
Advertising and Interviews
On boarding (salaries,
appointment Letters and
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01633 623422
01633 623935
01633 623452
09:00 to 17:00
Mon to Fri
08:00 to 16:00
Mon to Fri
08:30 to 16:30
Mon to Fri
08:00 to 16:00
Wed to Fri
Colin Huxtable
Medical Recruitment Advisor
On boarding (salaries,
appointment Letters and
01633 623930
08:00 to 16:30
Mon to Fri
09:00 to 17:00
Helen Williams
Medical Recruitment Advisor
Tamsin Gerrard
Medical Recruitment Advisor
01633 623931
01633 623923
Mon to Wed
09:00 to 17:00
Mon to Fri
Professional Registration
To practise medicine in the UK all doctors are required by law to be both registered and
hold a licence to practise. Consultants are additionally required to be on the GMC’s
Specialist Register before taking up their substantive post. Please contact the Medical
Recruitment Team immediately if you anticipate any problems with your registration before
your expected start date.
Medical Defence Organisation
You are advised to take out and keep up to date with membership of a Medical Defence
Junior Doctors/Doctors in Training
All junior doctors (regardless of grade) must attend their local Education Centre on their
first day as part of local induction, whether or not they've worked in the organisation
previously. Junior doctor changeover inductions take place in August, December, February
and April each year. If you are joining ABUHB outside of these regular changeover dates,
you must still attend your local Education Centre on your first day.
Inductions start at:
Ysbyty Ystrad Fawr
St Cadoc's
Contact details for each site are as follows:
Royal Gwent Education Centre
 01633 23 8122/8125/8142/8143
 [email protected]
YYF Education Centre
 01443 802613
 [email protected]
Nevill Hall Education Centre
 01873 73 2661/2882/2877
 [email protected]
St Cadocs Education Centre
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 01633 436707
 [email protected]
In addition to the Induction, the Gwent Clinical School web pages hold a substantial
amount of information which you will find useful. The pages can be found at:
Consultants & SAS Doctors
An induction programme specifically designed for new Consultants and SAS doctors is run
twice per year. You will be contacted after you have started in your post with ABUHB and
invited to attend the next Induction session. These sessions are led by the Medical
Director and offer an interactive programme which enables you to understand the direction
of travel within the Health Board and gives you an opportunity to meet some of your new
consultant colleagues from other specialties and sites within the Health Board.
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Business Travel
Any employee who is required as part of their employment to undertake business travel,
whether on an ad hoc basis or where travel is a substantive, essential or important element
of the post holder’s duties, must familiarise themselves as part of the induction process
with ABUHB's Mobility and Expenses Policy , and MUST provide the original driving licence
(photocard and paper copy) and insurance details (if applicable) on commencement of
employment/driving duties and annually thereafter. These will be documented and signed
by the manager and driver.
Please be aware that photocard driving licences are only valid for 10 years. They can be
renewed online if you have a valid UK passport issued in the last 5 years, via:
Car Parking
Car parking on Aneurin Bevan University Health Board Hospital sites is FREE to patients,
visitors and staff.
At the Royal Gwent Hospital, parking at the front of the hospital is limited to patients and
visitors only up until 8pm, at which point staff are able to utilise the parking facilities. Staff
parking is available at Friars Field, Mendalgief Road Car Park and Whiteheads Car Park.
Barrier tickets are issued to doctors with emergency commitments to other hospitals during
the daytime. Special Permits are issued to staff in exceptional circumstances and may be
applied for via email request to the Security Manager from your Department Head or
Manager. Examples of special permits would be post operative recovery, pregnancy etc.
All staff should register their vehicles with the Security Team.
Certificates of Competence
It is the mandatory policy of Aneurin Bevan University Health Board that all clinicians
possess valid BASIC LIFE SUPPORT SKILLS as a minimum. Valid ADVANCED LIFE
SUPPORT SKILLS are mandatory for all Cardiac Arrest Teams (Paediatrics, Neonatal and
Adult Services). For your own safety and that of your patients it is also important to
ensure you have been appropriately trained in manual handling. It is vital that the
organisation is clear before your arrival about your level of competence in these
areas. Please email the separate Competencies Statement to your local Medical Staffing
Co-ordinator to confirm that you either possess and will present valid certification on your
first day, or that you will need training/updates following commencement.
a) Bleeps are allocated either to TEAMS (black bleeps - for Medicine On Call, which are
all pre-programmed to activate for Cardiac Arrest), or to INDIVIDUALS (Red Bleeps
- for Cardiac Arrest Teams only). Individuals attending to collect a red bleep will
need to produce evidence of their approval to hold a Cardiac Arrest Bleep from the
Resuscitation Service, to confirm the division or specialty they work in and the
name of their Supervising Consultant.
b) Bleeps are issued and instructions in their use provided by the relevant Telephony
Supervisors for Royal Gwent Hospital, Nevill Hall Hospital and Caerphilly District
Miners Hospital. St Woolos bleeps and instructions will be issued from St Woolos’
General Office.
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c) Cardiac Arrest Bleeps for each site are tested every day in accordance with the
following timeable. Red Bleep Holders must acknowledge the test promptly
by telephoning the Switchboard Supervisor on Ext 8086 (RGH and St Woolos and
CDMH) or Ext 2108 (NHH). Black bleep holders should not respond.
09:10 hours
09:15 hours
10:30 hours
11:30 hours
09:30 hours
10:40 hours
10:30 hours
11:10 hours
If the Unit is:
Faulty:- Return to switchboard, it will be tested, if fault remains, it will be sent
away for repair (only on-call bleeps will be replaced with temporary bleep)
Lost or Damaged:- Return to switchboard. A cost code will be required
before a new Bleep/Pager can be issued.
d) To avoid risks to patient care and unnecessary replacement cost, IT IS
ESSENTIAL that bleeps are handed back to their place of issue in the
following situations:
 If you leave or move post
 Before you go on annual or study leave
A £233 replacement charge may be levied by the Health Board against individuals if
bleeps issued to them are not returned. Please ensure you obtain a receipt when
returning units and ensure you contact the issuing team to report potential delays in
return or lost units.
e) IMPORTANT: Bleep numbers are fixed to a department, speciality, consultant or
team. Under no circumstances can bleeps be exchanged between
colleagues, as this may result in a clinical incident. Only switchboard
services are authorised to reallocate bleeps, this ensures that the central database
of bleeps for Aneurin Bevan University Health Board is accurate at all times.
Payment of Salaries and Expenses
Salaries at Aneurin Bevan University Health Board are normally paid through the BACS
system on the 23rd of each month, although payments can appear in accounts sooner (or
later if payday falls on a Sunday). This relies upon enrolment and changes having been
input to ESR by the deadline of the 8th day of each month. Any enrolments or changes
entered after the 8th will either be paid in the supplementary pay run (at month end), or in
the following month’s pay. Payslips are delivered in bulk to site addresses for local
distribution. If you have not received a payment or believe you have received either less
or more than you expected, please contact a member of the Medical Recruitment Team
immediately, who will investigate the issue.
Previous NHS salaries and employment history are verified through the NHS Electronic Staff
Record’s Inter-Authority Transfer (IAT) process, however this can take time. Medical
Recruitment will initially accept recent (within 3 months) payslips as evidence of current
rate of pay, but these will be verified against the IAT on receipt and retrospective
adjustments will be made if necessary. will take you from any Health Board
pc to the Payroll and Expenses Home Page. This includes the Payroll Timetable, change
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forms to confirm changes to your personal details, registration forms for claiming travel
expenses etc.
Although salary errors are rare, occasionally we’re not informed of changes which may affect entitlements, e.g. a reduction
(or increase) in contracted working hours, or entitlement (or not) to a banding supplement, or that a start/end date has been
changed. Clerical errors can sometimes be made despite our very best efforts to get things right first time.
For the above reasons, please check both your contract and payslip(s) very carefully. We also recommend
checking that you’re not paying emergency tax inappropriately (which can happen if you haven’t supplied us with a P45/P46).
If you believe you have received an inappropriate payment, or have received less than you expected, please
contact Medical Recruitment, so that the issue can be investigated and quickly remedied, including issue of an
amended contract.
The organisation has an obligation to recover all identified overpayments, regardless of where the error occurred.
10. Requests for Study Leave and Annual Leave for Junior Doctors
on Recognised Training Programmes
All requests should be forwarded to the Study Leave Co-ordinator (based in the
Postgraduate Centre) at least six weeks before leave is due to be taken. Forms should be
completed and signed by your Consultant and Educational Supervisor.
All annual leave is calculated on a five day week and must be taken during the
appointment because it will not be paid on termination. Each Department has its own rules
governing the planning of annual/study leave. It is therefore vital that leave is planned
well in advance, even before you commence your post in some cases because some on-call
rotas are worked out for 6 months.
11. Reporting Sick Leave or Other Unplanned Absence
All unplanned absence must be reported to the relevant Medical Staffing Co-ordinator by
the start of your normal working day on your first day of absence as well as your
THE SHIFT NOT BEING COVERED. Local procedures on reporting unplanned absence will
be provided at your local induction.
12. Accommodation
The Health Board has limited accommodation resources and you may prefer to contact
local letting agencies for details of accommodation. Health Board accommodation is
prioritised for F1’s (who are entitled to free accommodation in Wales). Accommodation
charges for others are deducted from salary on a monthly basis, in arrears. If you have
been allocated Health Board accommodation, you have a responsibility to adhere to your
tenancy agreement (including fire procedures) and must vacate the accommodation by the
end of your contract. Further details, including costs can be found on the Residency
Request Application Form sent with your New Starter Pack.
13. Hospital Site Plans and Walking Routes
Site plans and walking routes have been developed for all sites by the Staff Well-Being
Service and these can be found on the Health Board’s internet pages if you search for ‘Site
Maps’. The Health Board has a well established Staff Well-Being Service which offers
invaluable help and support to all staff. Their web pages can be accessed from any ABHB
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14. Electrical Appliances
Any electrical appliances you may bring into hospital premises must be inspected by the
Maintenance Department before use. Please contact the Works and Estates Response
Desk for more information or to book a call: 01495 765060 (External) or 55060 (Internal).
15. New Deal Compliance Form
Aneurin Bevan University Health Board has a legal obligation to monitor junior doctors’
New Deal compliance and the application of the banding system, through robust local
monitoring arrangements supported by the national guidance. It is also required to collect
and analyse data sufficient to assess hours’ compliance and/or to resolve pay or
contractual disputes. In order to meet these requirements, the New Deal Team will e-mail
information about the monitoring process. Each monitoring exercise will take two weeks to
If a junior doctor is asked to start early or finish late, or they’re unable to take their break
due to a patient emergency, a Consultant must sign an authorisation form. The form is
available from Divisional Medical Staffing Co-ordinators or can be downloaded directly from
the Health Board’s intranet pages. Monitoring of Junior Doctors rotas is undertaken by the
New Deal Team, who can be contacted on 01633 62(3962).
16. Recognition of Overseas Service for Incremental Credit
On first appointment to the NHS, the Medical and Dental Terms and Conditions of Service
provide employers with discretion to assess, recognise and award increments for certain
overseas experience. Only if this is your first NHS post in the UK, please email the Medical
Recruitment Team requesting an Incremental Credit Application Form. Please note that
applications cannot be considered unless they are supported by Original Certificates of
17. IMPORTANT: Acceptable Email Addresses
Only 2 types of email addresses are considered secure for communicating work issues:
those ending with or Unless an email address has been
arranged for you on the Wales NHS network, once you have taken up your post you will
need to set up an account at and use that account for any
work related communications. Work related communication through e.g. Yahoo/Hotmail
accounts is not permitted.
18. Smoke free Environmental Policy
The Health Board operates a smoke free policy in all doorways, buildings, grounds and car
parks for the protection, benefit and health of our patients, staff and visitors. Staff wishing
to smoke must do so off Health Board property and only during their official break times.
Staff have a duty to fully comply with this policy which can be found on the Health Board’s
intranet pages if you search for ‘smoke free’.
If you’re a smoker and have been considering a quit attempt for a while, we want to give
you every help and support. Stop Smoking Wales provides free help and support on free
phone 0800 085 2219.
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19. Early Notification of Annual Leave for the First 3 Months
All doctors (including Doctors in training) are required to immediately inform their
consultants, and/or the Medical Staffing Co-ordinator, of any leave planned for the first
three months of their appointment. This is intended to reduce the number of last minute
requests for locums by enabling the departments to co-ordinate doctors’ leave.
~ Thank you for taking the time to read this Briefing ~
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Summary of Key Statutory and Mandatory Training
For Doctors Employed with Aneurin Bevan University
Health Board
Life Support Skills
It is the mandatory policy of Aneurin Bevan
University Health Board that all clinicians
a minimum (BLS training is valid for 12
SKILLS are mandatory for all Cardiac Arrest
Teams (Paediatrics, Neonatal and Adult
Services). ALS training is valid for a period of
4 years.
Infection Prevention & Control
Infection Prevention and Control (IPaC)
education is annual mandatory requirement
in Aneurin Bevan University Health Board.
Level 1 covers basic infection control practice
while Level 2 focuses on specific practice to
your area. Infection Prevention and Control
Education can be accessed on induction or
through monthly sessions. Please contact
the IPaC team on 8101 – RGH or 2048 NHH.
You are exempt from Level 1 training if you
have completed a Corporate Induction eLearning Tool (approx 2 hours’ duration)
within the past year, either in ABHB or
another Welsh organisation. You are also
exempt if you have undertaken the All-Wales
Healthcare Associated Infection Champion eLeaning Tool (approx 20 hours’ duration)
within the past 2 years.
Fire Safety
All ABHB staff must, as a statutory
requirement, undertake a fire safety course
every 2 years. The course can be accessed
on-line or practical sessions can be arranged
via the Health & Safety Team.
Personal Safety Awareness
Training in modules A and B of the all-Wales
Violence and Aggression passport is
mandatory for all staff, and must be
undertaken every 2 years. This can be
accessed on-line, or via classroom session.
Those staff working regularly within A&E
departments must undertake the Basic
Breakaway skills course, which incorporates
modules A and B of the passport. This is a
practical session, dates are available on the
Health and Safety
It is a statutory requirement that all ABHB
staff undertake the Safety, Health &
Environment Awareness course every 2
years. Course dates are available on the
Manual Handling
All staff must undertake modules A and B of
the all-Wales Manual Handling Passport and
Information Scheme; those staff involved in
the handling of people must also complete
relevant practical modules C-F. It is a
mandatory requirement to undertake update
training/competency assessment every 2
years. Training and competency
assessments of Passport compliance are
transferable between organisations, you are
therefore exempt if you have undertaken the
relevant modules of the All-Wales Manual
Handling Passport and Information Scheme
within the past 2 years.
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Rationing Health Care
Rationing Health Care
Health and Well-being Check for the Over 50*s
Health and Well-being Check for the Over 50*s