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Un voyage musical entre la lune et le soleil
pour enfants à partir de 2 ans
Mardi / Dienstag / Tuesday
31.03.2015 10:30 & 14:30
Mercredi / Mittwoch / Wednesday
01.04.2015 10:30 & 14:30
Jeudi / Donnerstag / Thursday
02.04.2015 10:30 & 14:30
Espace Découverte
Lotte van Dijck concept, voice, illustrations
Tony Overwater concept, double bass, violone, composition
Rob Kloet percussion
Bram de Goeij direction
~60‘ sans entracte / ohne Pause / without intermission
What do colours sound like? Who can understand the moon? What is the sun saying?
What sounds lower – a double bass or a drum? How do you play a flash? How do you
sing a tree? How many colours does a dream have?
«Glimp» transports you to an enchanted dream world, in which sounds and images
play an exciting game with one another and with you. It is a music performance for
toddlers and their parents / grandparents, in which musicians, music, images, technology and audiences embark on a special friendship.
Production Oorkaan, en collaboration avec Maplab et the Media and Performance Art
Laboratory of the HKU University of the Arts
Lotte van Dijck concept, voice, illustrations
Lotte van Dijck – musician, writer and draughtswoman – studied school music at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam and later took a course at the Schrijversvakschool, where she specialised in poetry and drama. Lotte feels at
home where «fox and hare bid each other goodnight»; a non-existent place, a no man’s land, an island far from the
hustle and bustle. This is where she writes, where she composes songs and where her drawings originate. And it is
also the place where music, language and images elevate one another by turns.
Tony Overwater concept, double bass, violone, composition
Tony Overwater is an internationally renowned bass player, who feels at home in a variety of music styles. He became
known in particular for his pioneering work in the field of Arabic music with the singer Rima Khcheich. He has his
own groups and projects, but also performs as a sideman in other people’s groups. In addition, he has played with
musicians like Ack van Rooyen, Misha Mengelberg, Sylvie Courvoisier, and Sunny and David Murray. As a composer,
he writes music for modern dance, documentaries, films and children’s music productions.
Rob Kloet percussion
Rob Kloet is famous as the drummer of pop group the Nits, which recently celebrated its 40th anniversary. Along with
Henk Hofstede, Kloet has been member of the group since its foundation in 1974. Kloet gives incidental performances
with other artists, including the Swiss percussionist Fritz Hauser. Since 2006, Kloet has also played solo, organised
percussion workshops and performed with poetess Anne van Amstel, with whom he published the anthology-with-CD
Vlinderslag. In January 2008, the book-with-CD Drumset with Dog was published, with compositions by Rob Kloet
inspired by the work of the English artist Helen Frik.
Bram de Goeij mise en scène
Bram de Goeij took the Director’s course at the Theaterschool Amsterdam. Since 2002, he has developed as a director, actor, writer and illustrator with various companies and productions, including festival favourites like De Schapelaar & Schmiere and the popular theatre production «Stamppot Smyt». Bram creates stories for adults aged 2 and
up, in which he combines classical theatre narration techniques and traditional oral storytelling with the new possibilities of the digital world. On this interface, he investigates the way in which a story can gain power through digital
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