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Gravity Video Quiz
1. __________________ is “cosmic glue”.
2. How did our earth form… _____________ collected due to
3. _________________ discovered that all objects fall at the same rate
despite their mass.
4. Newton theorized that given enough velocity an object could be
launched into orbit. What device did he use to get his point across?
5. As a traveler in a theoretical earth tunnel, should you worry about
being thrown out the other end? _______.
6. How long would your trip through the earth tunnel take?
7. ___________________ determined why gravity does what it does.
8. He determined that ___________ and _____________ are
9. Escape speed? _____________miles per hour
10.As the “Zero G” plane climbs, you would feel _______________.
11.Name two possible health risks as a result of being weightless for long
periods of time.
a. ___________________
b. ___________________
12.______________________ hour(s) a day in a personal centrifuge may
solve this problem.
13.___________________ (planet) is the “BIG Kahuna” in our solar
system. A 100 lb person would weigh 254 lbs.
14.Any change in gravity sends a ripple of energy known as a
_____________ wave, not unlike an ocean wave.
15.The study of gravity waves may help us learn more about The
_________ __________.
16.Has the LIGO Lab ever detected a gravity wave?
Chapter 3
Chapter 3