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33rd Annual International Canine Sports Medicine Symposium
February 4-5, 2017
Orlando Convention Center
in affiliation with NAVC
Orlando, Florida
Sponsoring Organization: University of Florida’s Integrative Veterinary Medicine Service and College of Veterinary Medicine Program Chair: Dr. Justin Shmalberg, University of Florida Co-­‐Chair: Dr. Joe Wakshlag, Cornell University Honorary Chair: Dr. Dan Lewis, University of Florida Saturday, February 4, 2017 Moderators: Dr. Joe Wakshlag (morning) and Dr. Justin Shmalberg (afternoon) Lecture Time Topic Sponsor Speaker 9:55-­‐10:45 AM What’s new in nutraceuticals for Nutramax Dr. Erin Miscioscia sports medicine and rehabilitation? 10:55-­‐11:45 AM Case-­‐based exploration of the Respond Dr. Lindsay evidence for laser therapy and PEMF Systems Hochman LUNCH 1:45-­‐2:35 PM Top 10 medical problems in hunting Purina Dr. Joe Spoo dogs and how to fix them 2:45-­‐3:35 PM Feeding the endurance athlete: body, Purina Dr. Joe Wakshlag mind, and mobility 3:55-­‐4:50 PM Conditioning for working and Purina Dr. Joe Spoo hunting dog performance Special Thanks to our Day 1 Platinum Sponsor Sunday, February 5, 2017 Moderators: Dr. Justin Shmalberg (morning) and Dr. Joe Wakshlag (afternoon) Lecture Time Topic Sponsor Speaker 8:00-­‐9:15 AM Dueling specialists tackle clinical All sponsors Drs. Matt Johnson, cases: will they agree, or agree to Justin Shmalberg, disagree, on sports medicine and & Joe Wakshlag rehab controversies? 9:55-­‐10:45 AM Cranial cruciate rupture: what real-­‐
Depuy Dr. Selena Tinga time imaging reveals about the dog Synthes Vet stifle 10:55-­‐11:45 AM From Arctic tundra to Southern UF College Drs. Joe Wakshlag swamp: treating the ‘rare’ working of & Justin Shmalberg dog diseases of rhabdomyolysis and Veterinary pythiosis Medicine LUNCH 1:45-­‐2:35 PM Coconut or canola; flax or fish? VRS Dr. Justin Making sense of functional fats and Shmalberg their impact on performance and recovery 2:45-­‐3:35 PM A clearer picture: what’s new in Nutramax & Dr. Robson Giglio imaging of common sports medicine Respond injuries Systems 3:55-­‐4:50 PM A shoulder to lean on: a case-­‐based Arthrex Dr. Matt Johnson approach to canine shoulder pathology Special Thanks to Our Day 2 Platinum Sponsor Please Visit Our Other Generous Sponsors Gold Sponsors Silver Sponsors 
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37. WorkPad Note: For questions 37–52, remember to show all the