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iMovie Instructions 4 Practice Movie
Your task as an individual is to create a 1-minute movie on your computer, including the following
in your finished product:
1. Open iMovie
2. Create an Event, naming it in this format: P6 (first name) (last initial) practice movie (e.g. P6
Nelly P practice movie)
3. Create a Project, naming it exactly the same as the Event.
4. Record one minute’s worth of video of you by pressing the camera button on the
left. It will automatically load into the Event you created.
NOTE: This mini-assignment asks you to film yourself. For movies shot with the HD cameras, the
footage will be on an SD (Secure Digital) card. Know how to insert that into the computer and load
it into your Event & Project.
The movie will save automatically, so you don’t have to do anything.
Once the footage has been loaded into the Event, highlight it and drag it to your Project.
Cut out all unwanted footage (you can bring it back if you cut out something by mistake).
As needed, expand the footage clips so you can see a particular second or even frame.
Add a title slide and a credits slide. Make the title slide 2 seconds long and the credits slide
6 seconds long.
10. Adjust the volume for all or part of the movie.
11. Add at least one photo into the movie. Crop it and then apply the Ken Burns effect to it
(manually, not automatically).
12. Add narration to at least one video clip or photograph.
13. Crop part of the video.
14. Apply the Ken Burns effect to part of the video.
15. Do a split screen, picture in picture, and a green/blue screen effect for three different parts
of the video.
16. Click on the little gear
at the start of each video clip and then explore the clip
adjustments, video adjustments, audio adjustments, and cropping/rotation options.
17. Add music and trim it so that it lasts just 15 seconds and fades in & fades out.
18. Add transitions between the title slide and first clip, and between the last clip and the credits.
19. Share -> export (compress) your movie using Export Movie. Repeat using Export using
QuickTime. Notice the difference in time to export. In both cases, save the result in your
personal folder, NOT the Movies folder.
20. Exit iMovie and then, using Finder, find the compressed movie you exported. Use Spotlight
if you have to. Put the movie on a flash drive and, after ejecting the flash drive properly,
give it to me.
BONUS: Figure out how to (a) clone someone in iMovie, and (b) make someone fly.