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Medicare Part D patients are
a vital part of your business.
LeaderNET / MSInterNET
2017 preferred network status
As part of a preferred Medicare Part D network*
PATIENTS experience
PHARMACIES experience
Lower co-pays
More shoppers in store
Lower premiums
Lower reimbursements
per prescription
Smaller pharmacy selection
for the above benefits
What can you do if your patients
are outside of these networks?
You can still service these patients even if you
don’t have preferred access to their network.
How can you still capture those patients
outside of these preferred networks?
Learn more about how you
can maximize this Medicare
Open Enrollment season at
Six out of ten Medicare patients don’t review their health
plans annually. Reach out to your patients and review all of
their Medicare options during Medicare Open Enrollment.
*This is only in relation to Medicare Part D and is not applicable to Medicaid or Commercial networks.
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