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Mining with LNG
Prometheus Energy
improves performance
and operation
effectiveness with LNG.
LNG is one of the least
expensive and most
efficient mobile fuels
of this generation.
Industrial LNG
Fuel Leader
Prometheus Energy is
one of the largest and
fastest growing
suppliers of liquefied
natural gas (LNG) to the
industrial sector in
North America.
Prometheus provides
turnkey fuel solutions to
convert industrial users
of diesel, propane and
other crude-derived
fuels to clean, domestic,
secure LNG, resulting in
reduced fuel cost and
environmental footprint.
The company is
vertically integrated
from LNG production to
distribution, to onsite
storage and
vaporization. A pioneer
in the industrial LNG
market, Prometheus
developed first-of-theirkind conversions of
Mining - Mining operations consume extreme
quantities of fuel to power shovels, haul fleets,
boilers, roasters, heaters, kilns and other
processing equipment. In addition, mining
operations are typical in remote locations,
with limited fuel options beyond crudederived products.
Prometheus Energy has been helping mining
companies save money with custom built LNG
fuel solutions since 2010. Our custom built LNG
fuel solutions allow mining operators to displace
high-cost diesel consumption with lower-cost
LNG and further enjoy the environmental
benefits of a lower emissions profile.
Prometheus has successfully converted
mine-haul vehicles, boilers and dryers in the
mining industry. Prometheus Energy is
providing LNG solutions for the mining industry
in the most efficient, cost-effective way, while
also minimizing the impacts on the environment.
Fuel Savings - As an industry leader in
developing the LNG fuel market, Prometheus
Energy helps mining facilities reduce their fuel
costs by providing a highly affordable alternative
energy solution. We help mining operations
move from high-cost crude oil products to a
clean, lower-cost and domestic LNG alternative.
The use of LNG allows increased
competitiveness in the marketplace while also
offering environmental benefits.
Vertical Integration - Prometheus Energy is a pioneer in the development of the industrial LNG market
and is vertically integrated from liquefaction through distribution, onsite storage and vaporization. We
are leading the development of customized turnkey fuel solutions that involve storage, vaporization
equipment packages, fuel supply and complete operations and maintenance services.
End Use
industrial fuel
consumers to LNG in
numerous sectors.
Contact us today to see how Prometheus Energy can work for you at [email protected]
Zero LTIs since our company’s inception demonstrates
our deeply entrenched commitment to safety.
Natural gas is a much
cleaner-burning fuel than
diesel and propane, and
LNG provides dramatic
reductions in emissions
of carbon dioxide,
particulate matter, and
smog-causing sulfur
dioxide and nitrogen
oxides. Unlike crude and
the liquid fuels derived
from it, LNG requires no
remediation of soil,
groundwater or surface
waters. If spilled it
evaporates immediately
Safety - Liquefied natural gas (LNG) has
been used as fuel for decades. Safe
storage, safe transportation and safe usage
are requirements for any fuel, and LNG has
a long track record of safety in all three
areas. For industrial customers, however, it
is generally delivered by truck. Once
onsite, it is again stored in insulated tanks
until converted back to a gas prior to use.
Prometheus Energy
Commitment to Safety
Exposure Hours Since Operation*
(Employee + Contractors)
*Tracked since 1/1/2009 through 6/30/2012
LTIs / Near Misses, Safety
Obervations, Incidents without
Injury / Total Recordable
Incidents (YTD)
and dissipates quickly
Safety Training Coefficent (STC)
for all employees
with no environmental
Regulatory Violations / Citations
cleanup needed. LNG is
not a heavy hydrocarbon
and therefore produces
Prometheus Energy Reliability Data
Delivered Delivery Delivery Supply
Volumes Count Mileage Interruptions
> 24.8 > 2,900 > 2.54
million deliveries million
> 99.9%
Reliability calculated for deliveries through June, 2012
Reliable - Since our company’s inception, we have
successfully completed over 2,900 deliveries,
spanning more than 2.54 million miles and supplying
over 24.8 million gallons of LNG. Our customers
have "real-time" and historical data that shows when
and where their deliveries are located, making it
easier to report on shipment status and estimated
time of arrival. Prometheus Energy is a growing
business that meets our customers' fuel needs with
the ability to transport large quantities of LNG from
the liquefaction facilities to the final destination, all
while providing outstanding customer service.
Comparison Between LNG and Other Fuels
Btu Per Gallon
Gallons Per MMBtu
Relative Energy Density
Prometheus Energy
Ignition Temperature (°F)
provides industrial users
Leaks & Spills
Vaporizes to
Gathers in
low areas
Puddles on
significantly less CO2,
NOx, particulate matter,
and other pollutants.
with a cleaner burning,
more affordable fuel
resulting in lower fuel
costs and emissions. We
are meeting the energy
needs of present and
future generations.
Boiling Point (°F)
Awards - Prometheus Energy is a 2012 finalist in the Industry
Leadership category by the Platts Global Energy Awards. In
2011 Prometheus Energy was named a finalist in the Rising
Star category, designed to identify the organizations likely to
become the industry’s future leaders.
Contact us today to see how Prometheus Energy can work for you at [email protected]