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Dan Dalton
Vice President
Subaru of America, Inc.
Subaru of America, Inc. markets and distributes Subaru vehicles in the United States. Dan is the
Vice-President of Human Resources, Risk Management and Administration for Subaru and is
responsible for a variety of areas. In Human Resources he has responsibility for: Compensation,
Benefits, Employee Training, Leadership Development and Employee Relations. In the Risk
Management area he is the President of Subaru’s Insurance Company and is responsible for providing
insurance coverage on Subaru’s inventory of vehicles, as well as customer extended warranty programs.
In the Administrative function Dan is responsible for Subaru’s real estate and facilities, including
warehouses and sales offices in the U. S. Dan has been in his current position for ten years.
Prior to his current position Dan was the Director of Customer Relations responsible for Subaru’s
customer call center and warranty claims processing. Prior to that position, Dan was the Director of
Finance responsible for treasury and banking operations. While Subaru was a public company Dan was
the Director of Investor Relations meeting regularly with Subaru’s largest stockholders. Before joining
Subaru, Dan was a Senior Audit Manager at Arthur Andersen & Co.
Dan is active in the community through his involvement in the Subaru of America, Inc. Foundation
where he is a Trustee and Treasurer. He is a CPA and member of the Pennsylvania Institute of CPA’s. He
is a member of the Society of Human Resources Management and the Risk and Insurance Management
Society, Inc. He is a Past President of the Philadelphia Chapter of Financial Executives International.
Dan holds a BS and an MBA from Drexel University in Philadelphia PA.