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SAT 5/10/14 8:28 PM
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GK: A lot of talk in Nashville about Brad Paisley’s new
album which comes out in August, especially since one
song from the album was released early, a song called
“River Bank”--BP: Well, I’m excited too because it’s my first album
devoted entirely to geology.
GK: Geology--BP: Growing up in West Virginia I used to sit on the river
bank and study the layers of rock formations, the shale and
limestone, and of course coal, and I vowed that if I ever
made it in the music business, I’d make an album that
expresses my lifelong fascination with rocks.
GK: It took you awhile to do that---BP: Country music has never paid much attention to
geology and the label wasn’t happy about this but I wanted
to change it.
GK: What’s the new album called?
BP: It’s called “Your Substrata Makes My Lava Flow”.
GK: Okay.
SAT 5/10/14 8:28 PM
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Way back in the distant past
Five hundred million years or greater
Tennessee was a tectonic plate
Under the ocean near the equator.
In a few million years the plates began
A steady northern migration
Volcanoes blew and the earth arose
To form the Appalachians.
The range of mountains began to form
Four hundred million years ago
And sandstone formations
Along the Cumberland Plateau
The Paleozoic and Mesozoic
Built the hills just like a mason
And in the Cenozoic era
Appeared the Nashville basin.
Beneath the limestone, sandstone, shale,
The earth moved as it must
And formed the Blue Ridge mountains
By subhorizontal thrust.
And here on plutonic igneous rocks
On a preCambrian promontory
That is where I first met you
Which is a whole other story
SAT 5/10/14 8:28 PM
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Geology, geology,
That’s how God made Tennessee
And Tennessee is where I found
A girl whose feet are on the ground
Whose substrata make the lava flow
And that is all you need to know.