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Unit 2- En la escuela – At my school
Due date: 9 de abril de 2015
Option 1 - Spanish Movie Assignment
You will create a short film, interview, commercial, music video, news report, or other (please check
with Ms. Solano).
(Minimum 1 minute for a pair; 2 minutes for 3+ students) that is entirely in Spanish.
The video should include the following topics:
1. Greeting/Introduction (varies depending on type of video)
Classes and periods
2. Ask/state when someone has his/her classes
3. Using ordinal numbers (1st ,2nd, 3rd , etc.) to tell what period one has his/her classes
4. Activities you do in the chosen class (For example, “In English class, we write essays. In
Spanish class, we speak Spanish and sing songs.”
5. Materials you need for that class.
Favorite class
6. Ask/State one’s favorite class
7. Describe to describe classes (use various adjectives)
Favorite teacher
8. Ask/ state someone’s his/her favorite teacher
9. Describe favorite teacher
10. Describe your overall schedule state (whether you like it or not)
11. Describe your school and teachers in general
 What extracurricular activities are offered by the school?
 Do you participate in any of these?
Grading criteria
Drafts & evidence of revision
Practice/Rehearsal of dialogue
Final piece
Note: You may incorporate additional topics we studied in class last year.*
 You may work in pairs or groups up to four students.
 You may have extras, but they won’t earn any points.
 Each person in your group must speak.
 The videos must be appropriate and must not use many words and tenses we have not
• 1-2 minute video minimum depending on members
• Use of the vocabulary we have learned
•Approved draft of script and edited script
Group Members: ________________________________________________________________
Grading Criteria:
 Draft of script ___/10
 Edited script/dialogue/song ___/10
 Memorization of lines ___/20
 Quality of movie (audio and video) ___/10
 Correct grammar and pronunciation ___/20
 Body language/face expressions___/20
 Content ____/30
 Creativity___/20
 Total points ___/150
Materials needed:
Describe scenario briefly :
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