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Provisional program outline
IMA AMS- Hands on Basic Laparoscopy Fellowship Certificate Course
Course Directors: Dr. E. Prabhavathi, Dr. Wasif Ali/ Dr. R.V. Rao
Lecture Modules for safe Laparoscopy
Lap Training Modules
Is association with 1) Storz company / Olympus Pelvi trainers
2) (Saivani Hospital) National Institute of Gastroenterology & Lever Diseases
Live Surgery
a) Diagnostic Laparoscopy
b) Lap appendicectomy
c) Lap sterilization
d) Lap cholecystectomy
e) Lap hernia mesh repair
f) Lap ovarian cystectomy
Eligibility criteria
Must be IMA life member/ AMS member
During or after post graduation in surgery and Obst & Gyn
Course Fee:
30,000/- (25,000/- for PGS with letter from HOD) Rs. 3,500/- Service Tax
Total Fee Rs. 33,500/- only
Mode of Payment:
DD/Cheque in favour of “IMA AMS” payable at Hyderabad
Course Duration
6 months (6 contact sessions)
Course Centre
IMA Building, 1st Floor, Kirloskar Hall, Koti, Hyderabad
Session I:
Lecture Modules
a. Laparoscopic equipments and hand instruments
b. Laparoscopic energy sources
a. Safe technique of pneumoperitoneum
b. Choice of Ports and safe entry
Session II:
Pelvis Trainer
With storz/Olimpus
Session III:
(Whole day)
a. Ergonomics for laparoscopic surgeon
b. Sterilization and disinfection/ Maintenance of laparoscopic instruments
a. Consent, Complications of Laparoscopy
b. Anesthesia & Drugs
Session IV:
a) Diagnostic Laparoscopy
b) Lap appendicectomy
c) Lap ovarian cystectomy
Lectures with videos
Session V:
Lap cholecystectomy
Inguinal hernia mesh repair open vs Laparoscopy
Lap hysterectomy - depending on availability of cases
Assessment and Credentials
MCQs Written
Viva on Basic Laparoscopy
Lap trainer assessment
Session VI:
Courses starting from June 1st /2nd Sunday 2014
Proposed Faculty for Basic Laparoscopy Course
1. Dr. E. Prabhavathi, Hony. Secretary IMA AMS H.Qrs
2. Dr. Wasif Ali, Surgical Gastroenterologist, National Institute of Gastroenterology & Liver Di
3. Dr. R. Raghavendra Rao, Hepato – Biliary Surgeon, National Institute of Gastroenterology
4. Dr. Amarnath, Surgeon
5. Dr. Anupama Hari, HOD, OB & Gyne Department Gandhi Hospital
6. Dr. Tripura Sundari, Retired HOD, OBG, Gandhi Hospital
1st Session: Introduction
1. Lap Equipments & Hand instruments
- Dr. Wasif Ali
2. Laparoscopic energy Sources
1. Safe technique of pneumoperitonem
2. Choice of ports and safe entry
- Dr. Prabhavathi