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BC Hockey in Our Schools
Program Orientation
BC Hockey is a proud partner in
the BC Sports Participation
Supported by:
BC Hockey in our Schools
BC Hockey proudly unveils a student
development and activity curriculum for ice
hockey in BC Schools.
Hockey is synonymous with Canada and we
believe all BC students should engage in life’s
learning outcomes through a hockey
We know they will find hockey an exhilarating
learning environment.
• The program involves six on-ice sessions
formatted into a teaching unit. The suggestion
is that these sessions each be 45 minutes of
on-ice activity (may be varied with ice
• Each on-ice session is easily adaptable to the
various hockey skill levels of the students by
breaking the ice into stations. Pilots were
successful with up to 70 students on the ice
at one time in Level 1 – Primary!
Our purpose is to deliver
• A program that offers instruction and
skill development at the ability level of
• A program that introduces all our
students to Canada’s national game
• Promotion of healthier lifestyles with
increased physical activity
Our Purpose (2)
• To positively effect students’ attitudes
toward lifetime activities
• To experience life’s learning outcomes
through a hockey experience
The Program’s foundation
• A curriculum written by BC Hockey’s
education professionals, matched to the
BC Education ministry’s learning
outcomes, tested in 10 pilot projects
conducted throughout the province
during the 2005-2006 school year.
• Supported by a network of BC Hockey
District Coordinators.
Delivery System
• BC Hockey structure and framework to
complement elementary and secondary
curriculums, supported by but
supplementary to Minor Hockey
• Educators with hockey backgrounds
playing an active role.
• Student involvement to support
academic achievement.
Pilot Findings
• 94% had a great time
• 90% wanted to do it again.
Parent comments (when asked what they
- 32% said their child mentioned they
wanted to do it again
A Principal’s comments;
What a great experience for our students. The
class had a wide range of abilities with most
being beginners. Skill levels were greatly
Our students had a fun learning experience.
We are an “In Motion” school. This fit our profile
and addresses the need that young
adolescents need lots of physical activity and
a connection to positive activities.
The next slides give an idea of
what your program might look
like under the following;
1) All levels of students
2) Skill stations
3) Various equipment uses
4) Sound instruction
5) Everyone active
6) In a Fun environment
A Program for Everyone!
Taught in Skill Stations
Using Varied
With Sound Instruction
With Everyone
In A Fun
Program Specifics
Possible Costs
Ice Rental
TOC costs
Hockey equipment
Proposed Schedule
Personal equipment brought to school
Equipment storage
Depart for arena
Dressing room assignment
On ice
On ice concludes
Leave arena
Equipment storage
Your Program Instructors will be:
Educators with hockey backgrounds play
an active role.
Equipment Required
Participants must have:
• Skates
• Approved Helmets
• Hockey Stick (may be school indoor)
• Gloves or mittens (Hockey gloves not required)
Other options
For those students that do have complete hockey equipment –
this is obviously recommended.
Other precautions;
• Legs, arms and hands must be fully covered - Do not allow
students to wear only gym shorts and/or short sleeve
shirts, or to participate with bare hands.
• Mouth guards are recommended
Evaluation / Feedback
As a part of the physical education curriculum your
child may be assessed as they would on any other
school course.
The main areas of assessment will be;
Active Living
Safety, Fair Play and Leadership
An assessment scale has specifically been created
for this course.
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