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Pentec Health
Boothwyn, PA
Pentec Health, Inc., provides nutritional infusion therapies for kidney dialysis patients, as well as
in-home care for patients with implanted intrathecal pumps. The organization’s Intrathecal Nurse
Training Program combines didactic instruction with one-on-one field training to confirm
expertise in intrathecal pump management. The program received accreditation from ANCC’s
Nursing Skills Competency Program, making it the only ANCC-accredited intrathecal program in
the United States.
Karen McHenry, RN, MSN, Vice President of Nursing Services, shares Pentec’s accreditation
Pentec Health invested a great deal of time and resources to develop the Intrathecal Nurse
Training Program, and we believed it was excellent and unique. We looked for a credible
organization to validate that we were providing the necessary skills and knowledge to our new
nurses. Additionally, we sought the market value of an accredited program. ANCC’s Nursing
Skills Competency Program was the answer.
Because our program is one of a kind, we were challenged to gather all the information
necessary for the application process and meet the requirements. But our reward is validation
that we provide a quality orientation program. It strengthens our customers’ trust in our nurses’
skills, helps us recruit high quality nurses, and reinforces, both internally and externally, that our
nurses provide safe and consistent practice.
Superior patient care has always set Pentec apart. Now, our nurses have reached the next
level. ANCC criteria is the gold standard in accreditation and to meet these standards confirms
to our nurses the quality of the learning they receive and skills they obtain by completing the
intrathecal course. It attracts experienced nurses and offers us greater recognition in the
marketplace, especially among physicians and insurance providers. Most importantly, it reassures patients of our level of clinical excellence, safe practice, and consistent care delivery
across the enterprise.
To others considering accrediting a nursing skills course, we offer this advice: allow enough
time to gather your documentation. Set a realistic timeline for submission. Consider hiring a
consultant with expertise in test construction.
Above all, don’t be afraid to set your goal and go for it! Keep going, even if others lose faith. The
outcome is well worth the effort.