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Understanding Your Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
Monterey County Schools Insurance Group (MCSIG)
What is an EAP?
Your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a confidential service available to you and your
family, and is a program designed to help with emotional health issues and everyday challenges.
Your EAP is easy to use and paid for by your employer. There are no co-payments, coinsurance
or deductibles; you will not have to pay MHN counselors for any services covered by your EAP.
All services are confidential. MHN will only release information as required or permitted by law.
It may include:
 Consultation and counseling sessions with an emotional health provider
 Programs and tools, tips, and resources for healthy living
 Information and assistance with relationship issues including marital or partner, parent-child and
work relationships
 Work & Life services for legal, financial, pre-retirement, child care, elder care and tax issues
My Benefits
Personal and work-related matters can preoccupy our thoughts, destroy our ability to concentrate on
the simplest of tasks, or prevent us from functioning the way we want to in everyday situations. Your
EAP member services offer ways to help overcome such issues, and will help you identify problems,
develop a plan, and gain referrals to appropriate resources. The results of effective problem
management are easy to recognize: better focus, better work productivity, and a clearer path to
achieving your personal and professional goals.
Your EAP member services provide a wealth of resources that can help you lead a healthy, happy, and
well-balanced life – including clinical emotional health, wellness, and work and life benefits for you and
your covered dependents.
Eligible members are entitled to:
1. Face to face counseling - up to 5 sessions per incident per calendar year with an MHN network provider
2. Telephone consultations - for maximum convenience and anonymity (as many sessions as needed)
3. Web-video consultations - convenient and easy, but with a more personal touch than traditional
telephone (as many sessions as needed)
Work & Life Services
Online Services
Daily Living Services
Financial Services
Legal Services
Identity Theft Recovery Services
Emotional Health
Family & Relationships
Work & Life Services
EAP Contact Information
Call: 1-800-327-8399
Access code:
We're here for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
If you have any questions, please call:
Human Resources – 624-1546 x2016
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