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Skills for Experienced Writers
**Use effective words (specific, unusual, colorful, active, etc…)
**Use active rather than inactive words
**Choose words that use strong visual images
**Avoid repetitive words, phrases, ideas, sentences
**Avoid unnecessary words, phrases, ideas, sentences
**Avoid overused words, phrases, and clichés
**Include detail in sentences
**Arrange words clearly
**Arrange words for interesting sounds
**Text should transition and flow logically
**Create pieces that havea strong beginning, middle, and end
**Make strong connections between ideas
**Supply plenty of interesting and releveant details
**Support the main idea well
**Include details that are surprising, unusual, or extraordinary
**Create sentences with an interesting rhymthm
**Adapt form, style, content for a specific purpose
**Adapt form, style, or content for a specific audience
**Choose words, phrases, and style to create a certain mood
**Vary sentence length; use complex structures
**Add your personal flavor (voice/style) to the piece