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CONFEDERATION OF DEFE CE RECOGNI ED A SOCIATIONS Recognised by the Govt. of India vide MOD Lett r o. 14 4)/2003/D(JCM) Dated 30th ept. 2004 Con titutioll and Bye - La,Ys Representing the S rvice A sociations recognized under CONSTITUTION AND BYE LAWS 1. Name of the Confederation:
The name of the Confederation shall be "CONFEDERATlON OF DEFENCE
2. Hand Office
The Headquarters office of the CDRA shall be Delhi or any other place as the
General Body may, from time to time decide with a majority 2/3 of the total
number of votes.
1. Aim and Objectives:
The aims and objects of the Confederation shall be;
(a) To unite all Service Association under Ministry of Defence.
(b) To consider and promote common service interest of its member
(c) To try and redress grievances of members by con titutional methods,
resorting to legal action if necessary.
(d) To secure improvements in conditions of service and to represent for the
purpose and lead deputation to UOI the Defence Ministry and various
directorates under Ministry ofDefence.
(e) To promote social and professional fellowship between member
(f) To ensure that the identity/recognition of member Associations is
(g) To take such other steps as may be necessary to ameloriate social and
economic condition of members,
4. Policy
The Confederation is a non sectarian and non political body and depends purely on
official and its members support for carrying out its aims and objects.
5. Membership
The Membership of Confederation shan be confined to the Associations f the
Ministry of Defence recognized under CCS (RSA) Rules 1993 . No such
Association recognized by the Ministry of Defence shall be prohibited to join the
Confederation subject to the condition that the Association agrees to abide by til
Rules. Amendments of the rules is subject to approval of General Hou e by a 2/3
majority and the competent authority. Thi is further subject to the approval by the
Contd ..2
6. ubscription
The membership subscription at the prescribed rates shall be payable once in a year
during Oct. The financial year of the Confederation shall be from 01 April to 31
March. Rates of subscription shall be as under;
(a) Recognised Associations of Cadre
Rs. 250.00
strength less than 1000
(b) Cadre strength more than 1000 but
Rs. 500 00
less than 5000
(c) Cadre strength more than 5000 but
Rs 1000.00
less than 10000
(d) Cadre strength more than 10000
(e) Subscription once paid is not refundable
(t) Member Associations fai ling to pay subscri ption after expiry of 3 months
shall cease to be members of the Confederation. However, such
Association shall be allowed to rejoin on paying the arrears.
(a) No member of the Confederation shall be entitled to any benefit that the
Confederation may decide to give to its members unless the Association
has b en a member for at least three month and has paid all dues.
(b) A member who i' in arrears with subscription or dues shall not be entitled
to any benefit until all dues have been paid
Register of Members
The Confederation shall maintain a register of all its members Associations with
names and addresses. Change a and when occur shall be brought to the notice of
President/ General Secretary. The register of members shall be avai lable for
in pection by members and the Department.
Contd .
Office bearers and management of the Confederation
(a) The affects of the Confederation, financial or oth twise shall be conducted
by 8 office bearers i.e. President, Two Vice Presidents and a General
Secretary, 3 Joint Secretaries and a Treasurer elected from amongst the
executive members.
(b) All office bearers of the Confederation sh'l\ have a fixed term not
exceeding two years however, they shall be eligible for re-election.
(c) Only erving employees shall represent in JCM.
Accounting years
The financial/ accounting year of the Confederation shall be 0 I April to 31 t
I I. Procedure for holding ejection
(a) Each member Association will nominate one representative in the executive
body of the Confederation. Election shall be held for the posts of 8 office
bearers of the CORA from amongst these executive members.
(b) Election shall be held by secret ballot under the Chairmanship of the
Pre ident/ any other member as nominated b. the hou e by simple
(c) Prapo als for nomination for election supported by two members and duly
accepted by a candidate shall be received on the date of AGM at the time of
holding of election.
(d) The office bearers shall have voting right and count for one vote.
(e) Delegates shall have voting right and the weightage of vote shall be equal
to total membership of the Association to which delegate represents.
(f) Member Associations unable to send delegation may authorize any other
member Association to cast their v te in the election.
(g) Defaulter member As ociation may not be allowed to contest, however,
their representative may be allowed to ca t a vote ubject on fu lfill ing the
conditions laid down in the bye law of the Confederation.
(h) t
least one month notice shall be given to hold annual general b d
C ntd.
Term of Office bearers
An office bearers shall have a fixed term of the two years. If elections are not held
within 3 months of expiry of the term, the ot1ice bearers shall cease to be duly
elected representative of the Confederation. An office bearer may seek re-election/
13. General Body Meeting
The general meeting shall normally be held every two years on uch days and such
places as may be determined by thp. executive committee. Any general meeting
may be postponed by the general body or the executive committee in consultation
with the Associations. The general meeting will transact the following busines .
(a) To adopt thr. report of the work done by the Confederation and audited
statement of accounts.
(b) To elect the office bears and other members of executive committee for the
To discuss other items included in the agenda framed by the executive
committee and
(d) To transact such other business as may be brought forward with permi ion
of the President and
(e) Handing and taking over between the outgoing and in coming executi ve
committees should be completed within ten days from the date of elect ion .
14. The President may call for extra ordinary general meeting whenever he thinks
necessary and call it on requisition signed by one third of the total number of
members within three months of the receipt of such requisition.
Representation of atleast one third of the total nu mber of member hall be
necessary to form a quoram at th general body meeting. No quoram is nece s ry
for adjourned meeting.
16. Di iptine Rules
If any member Association violated any of the provisions of the Constitution (nd
bye laws or acts in a manner prejudicial to the Interest of the Confederation or act
undesirably, the executive committee may, by a two third majority of members,
su pend, remove or disqualify such a member A socia ion from the member hip f
the Confederation for a maximum period of two years after show caLI. . Memb r
Associat ion so suspended or removed shall ha e a right to be heard before any
action except suspension is taken by th onfederation and such a Association
shall also have a right to appeal to the General Body during the followi ng AGM fo r
review f it case.
C nd .. 5
\7. Vacancies and removals
(a) Should any vacancy occur during the year among the offi ce bearers of the
Confederatjon. It shaU be fiUed by the executive committee by cooption.
(b) Any office bearer of the Confederation can be removed by the General
Body in the AGM by a two third majority for committing any fraud or
having acted against the interest of the Confederation, provided the person
concerned is given adequate opportunity to explain his conduct.
19. Meeting of the executive committees
(a) The executive committee shall meet once in 3 months at least on such days
and at such places as may be fixed by the General Secretary in consu ltation
with the President.
(b) The presence of at least one third number of the executive committee shall
be necessary to from a quorm. No quonn is necessary for adjourned
(c) At least one month notice shall be given for an executive ommittee
(d) The General Secretary in consultation with President may call an urgent
meeting of the central executive committees at any time giving 7 days
Dutie of the office bearers
(a) President: The President shall preside over all meetings 0 the executi e
commiltee and also annual general meetings, preserve order in such
meeting, sign all minutes and shall be allowed to give a casting ote only.
The President shall have power to caU special meeting of the executive
committee or the general meeting whenever necessary.
(b) The Vice Presidents shall function in place of the President in hjg absence.
(c) General Secretary: the General Secretary shall take minutes of all the
general meetings and meeting of the executive committee, conduct all
correspondence, convene all meetings, exercise a supervision over the
affairs of Confederation. He shall be responsible for submItt ing to the
Ministry of Defence annual account statement. He shall have the p wer to
engage, in consultation with the President and subject to the approval r
confirmation of the executive committee, assistants for organizing and
lerical purpo es he considers necessary and all 'uch as istance shall be
under the control of the General ecretary. In the absence of both the
President nd Vice Presidents he shall preside over all meeting if th
postponment of the same is not a.dvi able. In the event of his function ing as
President shall not have a casting vote.
Contd .. .6
(e) 20. Joint Secretaries: The Joint Secretaries shall help the General Secretary in
his work. They are empowered to inteIView official and others on behalf
of the Confederation provided so authorized by the General Secretary or
President and that he keeps them informed of all such actions taken by him.
Treasurer: The Treasurer shall be responsible for all sums of money which
may from time to time be paid to the Confederation by way of
subscriptions, donations etc. and shall deposit the amounts in Bank! Post
Office approved by the executive committee in the name of the
Confederation. He shall keep the accounts. He shall prepare the balance
sheets annually showing clearly every item of receipts and expenditures. He
shall make payments towards all expenditure sanctioned by the General
Secretary of the Executive Committee. He shall not have the power to draw
money from the Bank or post office without prior approval of the General
Secretary or the President. He shall work at the HQ Office of the
Confederation. He will be responsible for the maintenance and safe custody
of the cash book, ledger, receipt book and the voucher fUes . He shall get the
annual accounts checked by the authorized chartered accounts and obtain
the accounts statement for circulation to the Associations and record .
Minimum one delegate from each member Association shall be admissible to
attend the Annual General Body Meeting. Each delegate would account for one
vote in the meeting.
Delegates will be nominated as under :­
(a) Association with adre trength of
Ie s than 1000
One Delegate
Cadre strength more than 1000 but
less than 5000
Two Delegates
(c) Cadre strength more than 50 0 but
less than 1000
Three Delegates
(d) Cadre strength more than I 00
Four Delegates
(e) The office bearers of the Confederation shall have voting right
ontd. 7
21 .
General Funds:
The General fund of the Confederation shall consist of the subscription, delegation
fees and donations from member Associations. Funds shall be deposited in a Bank
as detemlined by the executive committee in the name of Confederation and the
account shall be operated by the Treasurer, General Secretary and President out of
which may two are eligible to draw the amount
bjects on which the general fund can be expended
The payment of the salary and expenses to the official of the Confederation. The
payment of expenses for the administration of the Association including the audit
of the accounts of general funds of the Association. The prosecution or defence of
ny legal proceedings to which the AssocIation or any member there of is a party
when such prosecution or defence is undertaken for the purpose of securing or
protecting any rights of the Association as such or any rights arising out of the
relations of any member with his employer.
23. Amendments to rules and Bye laws
The rules and bye laws can be amended, altered, replaced or added 0 at any time
by a majority of the members present at the General Body Meeting provided that
previous notice of al least 15 days is given to the members of the proposed
alteration. These will be brought into affect only after its approval by the
( urinder ingh)
General ecretary
ondition of recogni tion of the Confederation:
Confederation of the Defence Recognised Associations under-takes to comply with all the
cond it ions prescribed under rule 6 of the CCS (R A) Rules 1993 or any other conditions
as may be prescribed in this regard. We undertake·
(a) The Confederation shall not send any representation or deputation except in
connection with a matter which is of common interest to the member Associa ions.
(b) The Confederation shall no espouse or support the cause of individual Government
servants relating to service matter;
(c) The Confederation shall not maintain any political fund or lend itself to the
propagation of the views of any political party or a member of such party­
All representations by the Confederation hall be submitted through proper channel
and shall be addressed to the Secretary to the GovernmentlHead of the organisation
or Head of the Department or oflice;
(e) A list of members and office bearers and up-to-date copy of the rule and an
audited statement of accounts of Confederation shall be furnished to the
Government annually through proper channel after the General Annual Meeting 0
as to reach the Government before the 1st day of Jul each year;
(t) The Confederation shall abide by nd comply with all the provisions of it.
constitution/b ye laws.
Any amendment in the constitution/bye law of the Confederation after it
recognition under this ru les, shall be made only with the prior approval 0 the
G vt
(h) Th Confederation shall not tart or publish any periodical magazine or bulletin
without the previous approval of the Government
(u) (i)
The Confederation shall cease to publish any periodi cal, magaz.ine or bulleti n, if
directed by the Government to do so, on the gro nd that publication ther fore is
prejudicial to the interest of the Central Government, the Government of state or
any G ernment authority or t good relation between Government servants and
the Govern ment or any Government authority. or to good relations between the
Govern ment of India and the Government of a oreign tate;
U) The Confederation shall not address an conununication t or enter into
correspondence with, a foreign authority except through the Government whIch
shaU have the right to with hold it;
(k) The Confederation shall not do any act or assist in the doing of any act which, if
done by a Government Servant, would contravene any of the provisions of the
Central Civil Services (Conduct) Rules 1954; and
(I) Communications addressed by t1':3 Confederation or by any office bearer on it
behalf to the Government or a Government authority shall not contain any
disrespectful or improper language.
Gen. eey.
Dt. 21.07.2003
(R.R. Pa hine)
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7-1 The Articles of Confederation Essential Questions: “Why is a