Download Titulo: Propuesta para la atención de hábitos bucales deformantes

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Titulo: Propuesta para la atención de hábitos bucales deformantes en niños y niñas de edad
preescolar en la ciudad de Sucre
Tipo de trabajo: Trabajo en opción al grado de especialista en odontopediatría
Nombre del autor: Dalia Daher Villarroel
The study of deforming oral habits is really important in the odontopediatrics practice and
constitutes the basis for the analysis and interpretation of factor that participate in the etiology
and pathogenic of malocclusion, including sets of deforming habits in pre-school children.
Through clinical, facial, oral exams and clinical story elaboration, the classification was
made and the characteristics intra orals and facial of each child were determined.
From the statistical data obtained it was concluded that the mouth breathers it’s the one
with most prevalence followed by impaired swallowing and in third place it is the thumb
sucking. Afterwards, in the studied combinations, the most relevant case is: mouth breathers with
impaired swallowing with a 46.2%.