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March 2015 Issue 14
Our dedicated team of
Officers can be contacted
Tel: 0207 904 3435
Mob: 07789270286
For emergencies please call
999 or 0800 40 50 40
Firstly I would like to begin by saying thank you for visiting our
webpage, and taking your time to download our newsletter. I have
included information regarding actions we have and are taking in an
effort to keep you safe whilst commuting in and around the stations we
At London Bridge we are made up of two teams which equal twelve
officers. We cover London Bridge, Charing Cross and Cannon Street.
PS Rob Wilkes
PC Burden
PC Hunt
PCSO Forder
PCSO Knight
PCSO Qureshi
PCSO Rodell
PCSO Sheldrick
PCSO Standage
SC Bradshaw
We would like to welcome PCSO Hack to the London Bridge
Neighborhood team; this officer has been a great addition to the team.
Our Aim – 20:20:10
Our Aim – To achieve 20:20:10 that breaks down as a 20% reduction
in crime, 20% reduction in police related disruption and a 10%
increase in public confidence and we will aim to achieve this by 2020.
61016 was launched in March 2013 and now after two years of great
success with 61016 with an average of 850 texts per month we are
further trying to promote this service. If you see any incident happen
which is not urgent and you would prefer to let us know discretely then
please let us know by sending a text message through this number,
please include as much detail as possible.
PCSO of The Year
Pact Meeting
And 04/05/2015
TIME – 10:00
Anyone wishing to attend this
pact meeting please email
[email protected]
Ivason House 3rd Floor
8A London Bridge Street
Tissue Beggars
In response to reports of tissue
beggars on trains in the area,
officers are continuing to conduct
plain clothes patrols on the
PCSO Forder who has been with us at
London Bridge for four years. In
early march he was awarded the PCSO
of the year award for B-Division. This is
an excellent award due to the amount of
officers that are in this division he has
done extremely well. PCSO Forder won this prestigious
award due to coming up with several ideas to help ideas to
help bring crime and disorder
down on the railway.
PCSO Forder along with the
cycle team worked together
to come up with the idea of
spray painting bikes that were
no longer used in bright
colours and strategically
place them in
areas across the whole
of the BTP network in order
to try to prevent cycle crime
from occurring. It worked because it
was showing that we are
making regular patrols of the cycle racks.
PCSO Forder also came up
with the idea of utilising
Southwark Street Pastors in
late nights around London
Bridge to help alleviate
pressure on the railway
network due to alcohol related
incidents, furthermore this
also alleviated pressure on
the London Ambulance
In an emergency please ring:
To report a crime on the railway
please ring:
0800 40 50 40
Crime-stoppers works for you,
your family and your community.
Call Crime-Stoppers anonymously
on 0800 555 111 and just tell us
what you know, not who you are.
Due to the efforts of PCSO Forder he has also been entered into the
national awards ceremony meaning potentially he could become PCSO of
the year for the whole of the British Transport Police, and we wish him all
the luck in these awards.
Hoax Threat
On September 11th 2014 a male was on board a train from Cannon Street
into London Bridge, this male pulled the emergency cord on the train
bringing London Bridge any many other services into the station to a
stand-still. The male then claimed that he had a bomb on him, which
thankfully was not true. The station was shut for 45 minutes whilst police
entered the station, to ensure the safety and welfare of all passengers,
and arrest this male.
In January this male was sentenced at Crown Court for his actions on
September 11th, and he is currently serving his 16 month sentence, we are
very pleased with this result, as this shows threats of this nature will not be