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The Oil and Gas Industry in
Alberta: The Oilsands
Map Courtesy of CAPP and Calgary Herald
Examples of Proposed Tar Sands Investments
Bbl/day Start-Up
Nexen Long Lake
Ft McM. $3 Bil. 70K
Cdn Nat Res. Horizon
$8.5 B 232K
Shell Cda Jackpine Ft. McM. $2 B
TrueNorth Fort Hills
Albion Muskeg R.
Ft. McM. $1.8 B 155K
ConocoPhillips Surmont Ft. McM $1B
Syncrude Phase 3 Ft. McM
Husky Tucker
Cold Lake $0.5B
Husky Sunshine
Ft. McM
$2.5B 200K
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Suncor Millenium
Ft. McM
The Importance of the Oil Sands
• Similar reserves to Saudi Arabia. Will replace
conventional oil in Canada. A source for export
to USA (recall USA concerns over security of
supply). Will produce ½ of Cdn oil by 2005 or 06.
• Along with rising price of oil and natural gas, is an
engine driving the current Alberta boom
• The new “megaprojects”: Numerous new plants
or expansions are planned, each at several billion
dollars before cost over-runs. Total = $63 Billion
• Major impact on Ft. McMurray (boom town again)
and nearby First Nations
Importance of Oil Sands (cont’d)
• Not just Ft. McMurray; Cold Lake, too.
Also. Undeveloped near Peace River.
• Major emissions of “greenhouse gases”,
which contribute to global warming.
• Major user of water (esp. steam injection)
• Uses much energy to produce oil
Drag Line Machine
Digger, Drag Line Bucket & Bus
Buffalo Sculpture near Syncrude
Mine, North of Ft. McMurray